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Book Reviews are limited due to writing commitments.

ronovanwrites (at) gmail (dot) com

Who am I?

I’m a writer working on novels that will someday be before your eyes.

History Teacher in a former life who was side tracked into corporate training and management until finding myself in a new environment where I can create my own worlds and my own histories.

I bring not only my love of writing and desire to be a working author but also my years of experience in marketing. I understand the needs out there for what it takes to be seen by the public. You have a great book, but you must get it noticed. There is more too it than a great cover, a great agent, and a great publisher. A lot more. And that is my original purpose for creating LitWorldInterviews.

Why am I here?

I created LWI to help Authors of all varieties of experience and success to promote and advance their careers. Every Author needs an interview. I want to give every Author that interview. Sure, I want my interviews to be with serious Authors, not those who just want to play the game of writer.  My purpose here is to help those who are serious about their craft. I am a writer and I am willing to use my writing time to help others. I am willing to give my time that could be spent writing my own novels to help others. Experienced, new, older, or younger, it doesn’t matter as long as you are serious about being a writer. Do you ache with your characters as their hearts are torn apart?

What do I do here?

As the founder of LWI I feel it is only right that I do some of everything.

  • My main visible job is Author Interviews.
  • Second you will see me doing a lot of the promotion through other media and seeking out interviews and other outlets and promotion ideas.
  • My big back ground is in the end results of marketing. I know what works and what doesn’t. Thus, I really enjoy giving tips on little things like how to promote your book in free ways. Put them all together and you have multiple name exposure. So you will see tips from me. Take them or leave them but they will be there.
  • I take care of the LWI website itself. If you don’t like the theme, the layout, the design, or anything like that . . . blame me.
  • I court the services of talented people to give of their time to help LWI to help you.
  • I stay available to all the authors I have interviewed for any needs they have that I may be able to provide. We aren’t here for a one trick show. LWI is here for as long as you write books and as long as we exist. Our goal is to support your career as long as you want us to and even when you don’t.
  • Plus things I don’t even know I do and things that haven’t been needed yet.

What genres do I review?

I am open to just about anything, although I am not really a Horror guy.

In no particular order:

  • Mysteries
  • Detective
  • Adventure
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Spy
  • Romance
  • Historical
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies
  • Comic/Graphic Novels

I would have put them in alphabetical order but I was already halfway through the list and am too lazy at the moment to change it. If you go to my about page on my personal blog you will see books that have been my favorites in recent years and a great deal more about how I ended up being who I am today. Less than who I once was but filling the void with what I want to fill it with.

Age Range for books to review? All age ranges. Yes, children to adult. (I have a 11 year old son so I’ve had some practice.)

(Note: Due to a concussion and amnesia problems Ronovan may take a little more time to do Book Reviews but he takes them seriously and attempts to give quality and honesty.)

For Book Review Requests email to ronovanwrites(at)gmail(dot)com, preferably with a sample chapter, unless preview chapter is available on Amazon. Not all submissions will be guaranteed a review. If a review is forthcoming, I will inform you of such.

My marketing/branding philosophy:

You are your product, from the first words you put out to the world, be it Twitter or a blog. Always  remember that. I also look at branding as how you write, your style, not just your genre.


Much Respect


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