Stevie Turner’s Review of ‘Holiday’, by Joanna Warrington


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Lyn wakes on her 50th birthday with no man, no close friends and middle age staring her in the face. Determined to change her sad trajectory Lyn books a surprise trip for herself and her three children through the American Southwest and Yellowstone. Before they even get on the plane, the trip hits a major snag. The children have invited Lyn’s estranged partner to join them. Now, the two adults and three children have to keep up appearances and pretend to be a happy—if somewhat demented—family on their trip. Along the way, amid the mountain vistas, secrets will be revealed and a hurtful betrayal confronted in this sweet, funny family saga. In addition to laugh-out-loud adventures with the rambunctious family, author of ‘Every Family Has One’ Joanna Warrington writes of the extreme culture shock that comes from visiting America from England. Things like gas pumps immediately throw our heroes for a loop, but they valiantly rise to the occasion. Warrington, who has previous experience in travel writing, makes the Southwest spring to life! This book will appeal to fans of travel writer Bill Bryson as well as fans of British TV sit-com ‘Outnumbered.’

My Review:

Five stars

Lyn is British and a 50 year old single parent of 3 children, Mel, Brett, and Felicity.  Lyn had divorced her husband Ray 11 years previously, as his penchant for birds of the feathered kind had been more important than spending time with his family.  Ray had also had issues with Felicity’s parentage after Lyn had admitted an affair. 

Lyn books a holiday to the USA for herself and her children, but finds her ex-husband at the airport, as her children had secretly arranged for their dad to go too.  Lyn is angry at not being told about Ray accompanying them, but grudgingly allows him to tag along. 

I learned a lot about the bird world, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas by reading this book.  At times I felt as though I was reading from a travel guide, but I enjoyed the overall story and the characters were well developed.  The book held my interest, and I wanted to see how it ended.  There was much humour in the book, and I recommend it for fans of women’s fiction, true-to-life family situations, and comedy.  I shall be reading more books by this author.

Author: Stevie Turner

British author of suspense, paranormal, and women's fiction novels about the darker aspect of relationships, but adding in a little bit of humour as well to sweeten the pill...

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