Review of ‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ by Alienora Taylor

I recently interviewed author Alienora Taylor and was interested to read one of her books, Long-Leggety Beasties, which I discovered focuses on a young teacher’s experiences in the classroom.  As Alienora taught for many years, I came to the swift conclusion that many of the events described might possibly or even probably be based on fact.  I’m one of life’s realists, and ‘faction’ is right up my street!

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Alienora writes with that dry British humour that I love.  There were children in my own school which were just like the long-leggety beasties that the author describes, and all I can say is that anybody who tries to teach that kind of wayward child is very brave indeed!

The protagonist, Geraldine, is young and naïve, and is just waiting to be taken for a ride by her fifth formers.  However, the reader giggles quite a lot as the pages are turned and the children discover just how soft their new teacher really is.

Ms Taylor writes with a grasp of vocabulary and wit which reminds me of Noel Coward in his prime.  I take off my hat to somebody who survived in this job for so long!  I give this book 5 stars.  Recommended for fans of faction and dry wit.

Author: Stevie Turner

British author of suspense, paranormal, and women's fiction novels about the darker aspect of relationships, but adding in a little bit of humour as well to sweeten the pill...

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