A new #tool to promote (your posts, tweets, videos) Co-Promote

Thanks to Unspalsh for another great image
Thanks to Unspalsh for another great image

Hi all:

A quick post just to make you aware of a new tool an author shared in one the Facebook groups I belong to.

It’s called CoPromote and you can find it here.

I haven’t been using it very long, so I’m learning as I go along, but I thought you might find it interesting. You can sign with Twitter, Facebook…. (the usual suspects). Once you’ve signed, the site gives  you the opportunity to promote (boost they call it) one of your Tweets, Tumblr posts or one of your videos in You Tube or Vine (or the four of them). You’ll have to connect your accounts in those platforms, if you have them, but then if you choose to boost a Tweet, for instance, the site brings up your Twitter feed and you can choose one of them. How it works is, you boost one of your posts (you have to tag it according to theme) and then they’ll suggest posts that you can share based on your interests, that you can record (you can edit those if you aren’t offered much choice. The wider you cast the net, the most posts you’ll be offered to retweet, reblog or feature, in the case of videso). The more posts you share for others (and you will be given a list and you can decide to share each one or not) the more others will share yours. The site tells what reach your content has achieved.

I’ve so far only tried the free option, that is limited in the reach you can achieve (although it seems to grow with time) and number of posts you can boost, but there are paid options that offer you a bigger reach and also options to boost several posts. (The free option only allows to boost a post in each platform at a time and they normally last for a certain length of time, that varies, longer for videos and shorter for others. If you connect your e-mail they’ll tell you when the campaign has finished, but it’s worth keeping an eye on it, just in case, as it doesn’t always happen. I’ve also noticed that there’s the option of terminating a boost before it’s run the time allocated).

If you enjoy the content of some of the people in particular, you can follow them there and their content then will come up automatically when you’re looking for things to share.

If you want to check their own video explaining how it works, here it is:

Although I haven’t been using it long, it seems like an interesting option to reach different people and to meet new bloggers, You Tubers and Tweeps. And as one can choose what subjects to boost, it also can be used to discover new content, that you either write about (therefore reaching people already interested in it) or you want to research.

Go on, give it a go!

Thanks for reading and you know what to do, share, comment, like…

Olga Núñez Miret




Author: olganm

I am a language teacher, writer, bookworm, and collaborator at Sants 3 Ràdio (a local radio station in Barcelona, where I returned in 2018), who lived in the UK for 25 years and worked for many years as a forensic psychiatrist there. I also have a Ph.D. in American Literature and an MSc in Criminology. I started publishing my stories, in English and Spanish, in 2012 and now have over twenty books available in a variety of genres, a blog (in English and Spanish), and translate books for other authors (English-Spanish and vice versa). In 2020 obtained the CELTA certificate as a language teacher, and offer Spanish and English classes. Writers and readers both in English and Spanish are my friends, colleagues, and allies, and after living in the UK for over twenty-five years, have returned home, to Barcelona, Spain, searching for inspiration for my stories. I also love owls and try to keep fit following fitness YouTube videos. Do feel free to connect with me. Here are: My website/blog: http://OlgaNM.wordpress.com

39 thoughts on “A new #tool to promote (your posts, tweets, videos) Co-Promote”

    1. Some people seemed to find their reach increased. I saw an increase in sales in the audiobook, but it coincided with sending out a newsletters, so not sure how much it was due to Co-promo. I haven’t noticed anything since. I’m very doubtful as to how well social media works for selling books (at least it doesn’t for me). But I haven’t tried the paid option.

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      1. When my books aren’t on sale, my regular sales are through twitter. I just set up a boosted post to link to my blog, and I didn’t see any increase in visits. I also noticed that a lot of the people co-promoting me have less than 1K followers on twitter. Most have less than I do anyway, as I have 14K. It’s a good concept, just don’t think it’s viable.


        1. Thanks Sahara. Yes, I have 28000 followers and I haven’t found many people with more followers than me yet, although I guess it’s early days. The idea of inviting others is I guess to spread the word and get more people with more followers As you know, because we are in some of the same groups, there are options like twitter groups, the problem being that I think Twitter followers stop seeing or reading tweets after a while (and if you have enough followers it’s impossible to keep up, unless people tag you into a post…) so perhaps a new person every so often might be good. I sell so little that in my case I can truly say nothing makes any difference, other than publishing a new book, and the effect is short lived.

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  1. Reblogged this on Mysticalwriter and commented:
    A new tool to add to your collection of tools!! It is called CoPromote. Have a chance check it out. I know that I’m going too!!
    Reblogged from litworldinterviews.com


      1. Well it’s good to learn about new things and then get reports from those who use them to help us make informed decisions, especially when time is short and we have to know what’s worth our time. 🙂


        1. Thanks very much. Everything is worth a try. I’m not sure of it working on selling books, but at least in Tumblr (that I don’t pay much attention to) I’m seeing more people coming along.


  2. Hi,
    I know Colleen, Sue, Tracey, Annette, Debby… I found you on Chris’s site. I am interested in Co-Promote. I am interested in finding out more about it, and I am sure my readers are too. Would you be interested in guest blogging about it for my readers?


      1. Thanks, Janice. The truth is that other than what I said in the blog, I don’t know much about it. I discovered it through another author in a Twitter group. You’re welcome to use the content of the blog post if you want, although perhaps somebody from Co-promote would like to be a guest (I haven’t tried to contact anybody there, yet).

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