28 thoughts on “Your Book’s Metadata on Amazon”

    1. Pleasure! The thing to do would be to go and have a new look at your categories and keywords now. Then set up a small promotion – a 99 cent countdown is good. Choosy Bookworm is very reasonably priced for a test run, but obviously share as widely as you can to encourage sales. Kindle Countdown is great because Amazon actually has a specific page for it where bargain hunters can find all the books available at the time. If you aren’t on Select then set your price to 99 cents and advertise as widely as possible. You’ll see how quickly your rankings climb compared to previously and then afterwards they won’t fall so fast, so that just a couple of regular sales will keep you afloat. I’m about to do one myself too the week after next. My books have been flatlining because of zero promotion for the past four months. Use the Amazon search box to look for commonly searched phrases connected to your book also – just type slowly and see what comes up. 🙂

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  1. Brilliant! Thanks. @MarySmith: You may only be able to see your KindleDirect choices (if you ever made them) Under Bookshelf> Your book> Book Action > ellipsis…Look in there. Amazon has different settings which you cannot see once you’ve selected them. However, if you email them, you can request a list of what you originally chose.


  2. I have tried changing mine over the years, and done a lot of research on key words in the past, but I must still be getting it wrong. It hasn’t really helped with discoverability… is that a word? Lol! But I admit then I gave up. And gave up on promotion, too. I need an overhaul, I think! And a few extra hours in the day would help… 24 just isn’t enough! 😁😂😅


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