10 Writing Commitments for 2016 (Guest Post by Author Claire Fullerton)

Commit to being a Full-Time Writer.

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Becoming a full-time writer was a growth process that began with a weekly column in my hometown newspaper followed by magazine publications, awards in contests, and multiple publications in the world-wide book series, “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”  After I wrote and began promoting my first novel, I wrote a second, and spent the majority of 2015 promoting it, while I continued to write my third.  And while all this may seem like a vortex of work, it’s the life I’ve worked painstakingly to achieve, and I love every minute of the build.

 I’ve discovered that my career all comes down to a disciplinary juggling act of priorities in order to complete my goals. But the thing about working towards goals is one size doesn’t fit all: it’s an individual process predicated on many variables including outside interests, other responsibilities, and even temperament. I thought I had all my…

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