Daughters of Bad Men by @LauraOles. A strong female PI without the love story.

Daughters of Bad Men cover image.What do you get when you combine an ex con-artist, a big man in Hawaiian shirts and a fried food loving bulldog? A dang good story.

Daughters of Bad Men is what I am hoping is the first in an ongoing series with a strong female lead Private Investigator, and get this, there is no man having to bail her out of situations or being all lovey dovey to her. Jamie Rush is legit PI with some great supporting characters, a comic relief but protective best friend (Cookie) and the best possible breed of dog you could ever have, the English Bulldog named Deuce. (My alma mater is the Bulldogs.)

In this novel Jamie is asked by her estranged con-artist half brother to find his daughter, who has gone missing. Jamie hesitates because there is a huge trust issue but since it involves the niece she once loved like her own she caves and starts the search. Her investigation leads her to shady side of Port Arlene, TX, a nice little Gulf Coast winter haven for the snowbirds of the north based on Port Aransas, TX, which is across the Corpus Christi Bay from the city of Corpus Christi.

We meet Erin, the high class but young bookie who likes to treat her silver and blue haired snow bird clients well and like family and Marissa the daughter of the local crime boss. I hope to see a lot of both in books to come. Erin has something to prove by going her own way and making her business venture work and Marissa is already a force to be reckoned with. I seriously want to see Cookie and Marissa together, which would be an interesting development considering the history between the families. Read the book to find out what I mean.

This book succeeds in what I believe it intended to, a great story AND giving a comprehensive background of all the major players in the Port Arlene universe. You close the back cover knowing exactly who Jamie is, the role Cookie plays and who the various elements to watch out for in town. Deuce, the bulldog, is as great and needed addition to the family by giving comic relief and showing another side of Jamie instead of the tougher PI side.

I give this a 4.5 out of 5 only because it took me a couple of chapters or so to get into the story. So you guys keep reading and you will really enjoy the world building Laura creates.

I definitely want to review future Jamie Rush stories.

Get DAUGHTERS OF BAD MEN at Amazon by clicking the “BUY ON AMAZON” link in the Amazon Book Cover Image below.


Make sure to connect with Laura Oles through her website https://lauraoles.com/ and on Twitter at @lauraoles

Laura Oles PhotoABOUT​ ​THE​ ​AUTHOR​ ​–​ Laura Oles is a photo industry journalist who spent twenty years covering tech and trends before turning to crime fiction.
She has published over 200 articles in retail and consumer magazines and
has served as a columnist for Digital Camera Magazine, Memory Makers Magazine, Picture Business, PhotoInduced, Cafe Mom) and others. Her book, “Digital Photography for Busy Women,” was named a photography category finalist in USA Book News.com’s ‘Best Books’ awards.
Laura’s short stories have appeared in several anthologies, including
Murder​ ​on​ ​Wheels,​ which won the Silver Falchion Award in 2016. Her debut mystery, Daughters​ ​of​ ​Bad​ ​Men​, was a Claymore Award Finalist. She is also a Writers’ League of Texas Award Finalist. Laura is a member of Austin Mystery Writers, Sisters in Crime and Writers’ League of Texas.
Laura lives on the edge of the Texas Hill Country with her husband, daughter and twin sons. When she isn’t writing or working, you’ll find her serving as the family Uber driver or at her kids’ sporting events.
After several years of watching soccer, she still can’t tell when a player is off sides. She spends too much money in bookstores. Visit her online at https://lauraoles.com.



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Just Add Water, winner of the National EPPIE Award for BEST MYSTERY.

#Book #Review by @OlgaNM7 ‘Midnight Crossroad’ (Midnight Texas, Book 1) by Charlaine Harris

MIdnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris
MIdnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris

Title:  Midnight Crossroad (Midnight Texas, Book 1)

Author:   Charlaine Harris

ISBN-10: 0425263169


Published:  May 8th 2015
Pages:  384
Genre:  Contemporary Fantasy

Body of review:

I must thank Net Galley and the publishers for providing me with a complimentary advance copy of the novel before its publication for the purposes of a review.

I have read a few novels by Charlaine Harris before. Some from the Sookie Stackhouse collection but also a couple more, and I was intrigued by this novel that announces the beginning of another series.

Midnight is a semi-ghost town where Manfred, a young man who has psychic powers and works as an internet and phone psychic (although most of his advice has nothing to do with his real abilities) arrives at the beginning of his novel. His arrival serves as an introduction for the readers as well and the first chapter is mostly descriptive of the town and its inhabitants. Apart from being a quiet place, it appears that by tacit agreement, people in Midnight follow a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Some characters seem to have their secrets closer to the surface than others, but my impression is that as the series develops we’ll learn many mysterious things from most (if not all) the characters.

A murder is discovered (during the first, and probably the last, annual picnic of Midnight) and the investigation and complications that ensue result in an unravelling of many of the secrets that had been so well kept until then.

I found the cast of characters promising (the reverend with his Pet Cemetery, Fiji and her, oh so very special cat, Bobo, Olivia and Lemuel…), the setting interesting enough, and the central story itself intriguing and I did not guess the outcome. The style is deceptively easy, and the omniscient third person narrator that takes on different characters’ point of view in turn, helps us empathise and get to know some of them better (although, of course, not all of them). There are paranormal elements, a vampire and his human girlfriend who make a deadly couple (but good friends of their friends), magic, bizarre pawn shops, white supremacist groups, lies, Halloween parties, wholesome meals, justice of sorts, and a moral/ethical question that will make you think and ponder your position.

Midnight Crossroad  is an engaging and easy read that has good rhythm and comes to a satisfying conclusion although leaves enough answered questions to keep you coming back. I’m not sure I’d move there, but for sure I’ll keep on reading.

Realistic Characterization: 4/5
Made Me Think: 4/5
Overall enjoyment: 4.5/5
Readability: 5/5
Recommended: 4.5/5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 

Buy it at:  Amazon
Format & Pricing:
Paperback: $9.74 

Hardcover: $20.93 

Kindle: $6.95  

Audiobook: $22.20 (or on CD for 12.20)   

Olga Núñez Miret




I Love Anger the truth by @isaacdrowe The interview.


RW: Where did the Isaac you describe in I Love Anger, that grew to love anger come from, that younger version of you, that world?

ISAAC: In the introduction and angry roots I describe how anger began to grow in my life from a youth to an adult. Living in a world of no hope and no light can be difficult to function in. It is not a world I would want anyone to experience.

RW: Though you went through a lot, and I mean a lot, growing up, you’ve obviously chosen to take your life in a different direction. The book obviously pulls from your experiences, I mean this is your story, but you also have experience in Anger Management. Would you tell our readers something about that?

ISAAC: I wanted this book to be a personal and clinical approach towards anger. I wanted the reader to understand through my pain so they could see the trials and triumphs through me. If I gave them anything less than that, I would probably rob them of a true self help experience. I didn’t want them to feel alone, in the book we walk through anger management together.

RW: Excellent, so you have the true story and life experiences COMBINED with the training to truly put it all together for us to share. Were you encouraged to share this story with others because of that combination? I mean only YOU could tell this story and the way to where you are now.

ISAAC: At first the book was for me, I began writing down my thoughts and to help me see what was inside me. It was therapy for me. As I continued to write I felt like this could help others so I turned it into a book. I wanted to give a real life, no joke approach but also give a clinical side for balance.

RW: I have to say, the story of you growing up, I can connect to some of it. My situation wasn’t quite like that but there were moments and a lot of my family members had lives kind of like that. One died in prison. Looking at his prison picture I could see the anger in him. What would you say to my relative, if he were alive and it was the day before he stole that last time that got him caught, what would you tell him that was in I Love Anger that could help him find his way out?

ISAAC: I would ask him “What’s up? Why are you really angry? There is a reason behind this behavior. This ain’t you! Keep telling yourself you good and that you straight but you and I both know that it’s something deeper than that! This lifestyle only ends up two places, dead or in prison wishing you was dead. But hear this from me! it’s not worth it! You are worth more than this! Its okay to feel how you feel right now, but how you react versus respond to how you feel kinfolk will destroy you. This is real talk, know that I care about you! Hear me, I Love YOU! If you think your mom, dad or nobody loves you, know that I love you unconditionally right where you are! I’m here with you, if you want to change, it can start right now! The choice is yours! It’s all on you!”

RW: You know, you nailed a few things there that I think would’ve helped. One thing our readers should know is, this book ain’t sugar coated to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy about the end. You tell it like it was as you go along. What kept you focused on being certain your story was as it should be and not a motivational speaker book?

ISAAC: The reader needs something authentic and something they can relate to.

RW: Was there a moment where you were in a place of not going to finish this book, it’s too much, and I just want to forget all of this that’s happened?

ISAAC: Yes, I stopped for weeks but I got more and more insight for the book and at that point I knew that I had to complete it for my readers, it was much bigger than me.

RW: Where are you in your head these days and your heart?

ISAAC: My Faith in God, Family and Ministry.

RW: I knew that answer before I asked. It was a set up. You’re living it. Do you have a particular story of where your book has touched someone, helped them, where they’ve written to you or even come up to you and just shared what your words have helped them with?

ISAAC: I have had someone come up to me and tell me that if they went through what I went through they probably wouldn’t be alive. I realized at that moment, I am a survivor and I want people to turn their pain into purpose like I did.

RW: I like that. You keep getting out of what you’ve given to others. I see you do book signings and things of that nature in the Austin area and parts of Texas, are you open for speaking engagements, perhaps through Skype if anyone reading would be interested in your services? I mention Skype because I am sure it might be difficult to travel to Canada and back before work calls to find out where you are.

ISAAC: Yes I do book signings in my region and I am always open to speaking engagements because knowledge is power, if you know better you have an opportunity to do better. Yes, I currently provide online coaching and mentorship through Skype.

RW: How about for any other sites out there who would like to have you perhaps do a guest article for them, are you open to that and if so how would they go about contacting them? I mean your subject covers the world. There is no boundary that anger doesn’t cross and no person it doesn’t touch.

ISAAC: Yes, inquire at iloveangerbook@gmail.com

RW: Is there a way our readers could order a signed copy of I Love Anger? I know how what I will call bookies love real paper and like to have that personal touch if they can. Yes, if people who love food can be called foodies, I can call people who love books bookies.

ISAAC: Yes, inquire at iloveangerbook@gmail.com

RW: Okay, we’ve been serious. Now let’s go into the areas I like to go to in order to find out about who you are. What ice cold drink do you like with your meal? And for that matter, tell us what your favorite meal is, and your wife is watching, so the Queen will know.

ISAAC: Strawberry Lemonade, Ugali (African dish) white corn meal, greens and chicken.

I looked up Ugali, they call it the Kenyan Running Superfood. If it’s made of cornmeal it’s got to be good.

RW: I think you just described the perfect meal for a man that just got out of the hospital, that being me. You’re a Texan so, Spurs or Rockets, and why not go ahead and choose Cowboys or Texans?

ISAAC: I support all Texas TEAMS but Spurs and Cowboys for sure!

RW: If you could go to one place in the world, where would it be and why? And we’ll say the Queen isn’t looking, but remember she’s going with you.

ISAAC: Africa because I want to connect with my roots and learn from the people.

RW: What book are you reading now?

ISAAC: The Principle of Fatherhood by Myles Munroe

RW: What book OTHER THAN YOUR OWN, would you recommend to people to read?

ISAAC: Making of a Leader by Bishop L.A. Wilkerson, 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell

RW: I’ve mentioned the Queen several times now; tell us about her highness, the glory of your life.

ISAAC: Read the dedication in my book!

I would tell all of you what the dedication says, but he said go read it, so I think you need to get the book and go read it.

RW: Finally, what’s your favorite word and why?

ISAAC: Authentic. When you know who you are, it resonates. You’re free of anything that’s not what you want or who you want to be . . . original. I don’t want to die not being myself or living a lie.

Isaac RoweGet the Book at Amazon: I even put the full link below.


To get connect with Isaac, visit his websites at www.iloveanger.com and www.themaninme.org. You can also join him on one of his Twitter accounts or facebook.

Facebook at www.Facebook.com/isaacdrowe



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