How to create a link to your #freeaudiobook in Audible. Thanks to Patrick Jones(@PatrickJones56)

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You’ve probably read some posts recommending audiobooks as the next big thing. And you probably know that if you live in the US or the UK you can use ACX to either upload your e-books and sell them (through Audible, Amazon, i-Tunes), or to find a producer/narrator (either by paying or by offering split royalties) and get your book made into an audiobook.

Patrick Jones, an author friend has also been working hard on his novels and audiobooks and he shared a very interesting post about an easy way to try and market your audiobooks. (He shared a post within ACX itself. Here is his link. And as you’ll be in his blog, check his fabulous stories and videos. Patrick and his wife Sandy are great.)

I had a go at it, and it works. But let me explain. If somebody is not an Audible client (it’s a  subscription service like Amazon Unlimited, or Oyster… Or quite a few others, but for Audiobooks. By paying around $15 you can get a new audiobook per month, cancel at any time…) they can get a free audiobook by signing for a 30 day free trial. (For the author, is somebody signs on via your book, you get an extra bonus)

The idea with this method is you can get a link to a page that offers your audiobook for free, and once you get the link to that page, you can use it to promote your audiobook.

If you read the above post, you’ll see it seemed to cause some confusion. So this is my easy version.

  • Get the ASIN for your audiobook. If you’re like me you’ll keep a list with links to all versions of your book, so you’ll probably know where to find the ASIN for your book in But if you don’t, here I show you a screen capture of one of mine, so you can see where to find the ASIN (If you put your title in the search box, remember to click the title once it comes up). You can click in the picture to see it bigger.

    Here where the 1 is and the red marker, the ASIN for the audiobook
    Here where the 1 is and the red marker, the ASIN for the audiobook

Note: A word of warning, this method does not work for (at least not yet or using the same method).

  • Add the ASIN to the end of this url:

The equal sign must remain there. No need for spaces between it and the ASIN. These are the links to my 2 audios, so you see what I mean.

Try with your own and you’ll see.

And if you want to shorten the link, use or any other link-shortener you like. And Bob’s your uncle!

Thanks to Patrick for sharing this resource. Thanks to all of you for reading, and you know what to do, like, share, comment and click!

Olga Núñez Miret


#Book Review of Dancing to an Irish Reel by @cfullerton3

Author: Claire FullertonDancing to an Irish Reel
Title: Dancing to an Irish Reel
File Size: 373 KB
Print Length: 237 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0990304256
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing (March 6, 2015)
Publication Date: March 6, 2015
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Word Wise: Enabled
Lending: Enabled
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Literary Fiction
Kindle: $1.99
Paperback: $13.99
Audible: $17.95

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. And of course with me, you know that’s what you get. Good or bad. Here we go!

What happens when an L.A. music exec goes on sabbatical to Ireland? Well this is a romance, so I’ll say romance, along with love, music, and most of all confusion—caused by love, language, and longing. You might think a Southern girl who moved to L.A. might be accustomed to culture shock and speaking a different language, but Ireland is an island unto itself.

Dancing to an Irish Reel is about American Hailey meeting real Ireland and new-to-love Liam Hennessey. What you get is a story of Hailey learning about the place she comes to call home and as she learns about it and begins to understand it, she also begins to understand the man she falls for.

I like the character of Hailey. She is not your stereotype romantic leading lady that people like to think of. She is strong, knows what she wants, has common sense, and above all—she doesn’t do the typical damsel in distress routines.

Men, you will like this book. I say that because men need to realize that a great deal of books with Romance in the genre are not exactly what you may think. Movies men seem to like have romance in them and could be labeled as such in genre. So get a clue.

In other words this will hit with all people.

I found this book a bit of a surprise in some ways. Things don’t happen the way you expect, which to me is good. You want to be surprised these days. I do want to say that the character of Liam, well—Fullerton does a great job of explaining the Irish male in several places from different viewpoints. Very interesting, I thought.

You might at times want to hit Liam over the head with something, like his accordion, but then, he is a man, it’s love, and he’s young, so what else would you expect? And that is one thing that makes this book real and allows the reader to connect with it. No one is perfect in the book. Even those thought to be perfect are flawed deeply, and not entirely due to their own doing. And as for the accordion, it’s a loved instrument in Ireland and makes Liam somewhat of a local celebrity.

I loved the description of Ireland, the people, how the language works and the culture itself works in so many different ways. Those parts alone make you think you have read a much larger book because you learn so much. I view the romance part of the story as a side by side symbolic representation of Hailey’s coming to terms and coming to understanding Ireland itself.

How does the book end? Is it a happy ending? That’s something you have to find out for yourself. Does Fullerton leave things open for a sequel? Could there be a trilogy or even a series of Hailey books? Personally, I would like to see more of Hailey in Ireland. How Fullerton uses Hailey to teach us about the real Ireland is something that needs to be revisited.


I recommend this book to lovers of Ireland, real people, common sense romance, and reality.

Character Believability: 5Dancing to an Irish Reel
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 5
Reader Enjoyment: 4
Overall Rate: 4.8


You may be looking at that Reader Enjoyment number and wondering why. There were certain characteristics of Liam that somewhat annoyed me at times. I think maybe it was because I’m American and he’s Irish and as Claire Fullerton explains in the book, those two types of men are different. But Liam is real to the Irish male character. Perhaps being of Scottish background, maybe it’s just me.!about/cjg9

Claire Fullerton PhotoClaire Fullerton grew up in Memphis, TN and now lives in Malibu, CA. She is the author of literary fiction, “Dancing to an Irish Reel,” which is set in Connemara, Ireland, where she once lived. She is also the author of “A Portal in Time”: A paranormal mystery that unfolds in two time periods set on California’s hauntingly beautiful Monterey Peninsula, in a little village called Carmel-by-the-Sea. Both of Claire’s novels are published by Vinspire Publishing. Claire is a three- time award winning essayist, a former newspaper columnist, a contributor to magazines including Celtic Life International and Southern Writers Magazine. She is a five-time contributor to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series and can be found on Goodreads as well as the website under her name. Currently, Claire is writing her third novel, which is a Southern family saga based on her award winning essay in the 2013 San Francisco Writer’s Conference.


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