#Easypromo. Sharing the preview of a book directly in your blog or page

Hi all:

I suspect many of you will have come across this already, but just in case you haven’t, or you want to see exactly how it works, I thought I’d bring it to you.

You know that Amazon offers readers (and window-shoppers) de option of looking inside a book or getting a sample of the book sent to their own reader or computer (wherever they access their Kindle reader, that is a free app). But before, if you wanted to share that with your readers in your blog, or one of your pages, you’d have to include the link, and they’ll be redirected to Amazon from there and then they’ll have to proceed from there.

Now, there’s the option of sharing it directly in your site.

It’s easy, as I show you in this video:

I leave you the link here (by the way, I think it might depend on the theme of the blog, as I’ve tried it in my page and it appears directly there but it doesn’t seem to here):


Go on, try it!
By the way, I’ve read that novel and love it! I hope to bring you the review soon.
Olga Núñez Miret





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