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LWI’s own Dr. Jason Royle contacted me with this proposal;


Email and offer removed due to spots filled.


There is also a “Author in the Spotlight” spots.  To be featured simply email me an “author photo” and “title of book” on Amazon and they will be listed on the site, (with a link to their book) permanently.


The title of the site is eBook Christian, but you do not have to be Christian to submit a book.  The only requirement is that your book does not contain vulgar language, graphic violence, or sexual/erotic content.  


Children’s books, poetry, self-help, fiction, non-fiction, suspense, romance, etc. all genres welcome.

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Promoting Your Books on Amazon by @JoRobinson176

I’ve only just discovered, too late, that when you run a Kindle Countdown deal it either happens at Amazon.com or Amazon.UK, and not all regions at the same time.  So while this time I’ve managed to put different books on Countdowns for the different regions, I’ll know better for next time.

The thing to do if you want your deal to be available to both regions is to set up two separate promotions for the same book on the same dates – one for UK and another for the USA.  It’s a bit trickier setting a low price for the other regions, so you’d probably be better off doing an extra promotion where you manually set prices to ninety nine cents for your promotional period.  The only problem with that is that you won’t get the additional visibility of having your Countdown books listed on Amazon’s deals page.  People do actually go there to surf for bargains, and those sales are the cherries on the top of your promotion.

If you, like I have just mistakenly done, zoom along and set up your deal only to realise on the day, then you’re going to have to state in any advertising that you do which region the deal is for, or you could end up with angry potential readers clicking on your links to find that there is no discount for the book in their country.  It’s not the end of the world, but definitely not a good way to go about things, especially if you’re running ads on any of the book tweeting and newsletter services.

The same applies to free books.  I’ve often seen books advertised for free only to see that they’re not free for me.  Always have a look when you’re doing a free book promotion to see where it’s going to be free.  If you have it set to limited regions you’re definitely going to lose out on potential readers.

Even if your book is not enrolled in KDP Select, it’s a good idea to have pricing promotions now and then.  It’s not a good idea to leave your books languishing on the virtual shelf with only the occasional promotional tweet.  You get new followers on your various online sites all the time, and not everyone looks at all the widgets in your sidebar.  They could be following you because of a funny or gorgeous tweet or blog post, and have no clue about your books, even though they like your articles.  At least twice a year give your books a little party.  Drop the prices and share the news all over the place.  You’re sure to find at least a couple of new readers.

Having said that, I’m not suggesting that you join the “Oy buy my book!” brigade.  Those guys who solely blast out their book links several times a day, every day, to the same audience.  If you post only your book links this way your followers will quickly get either bored or irritated and stop looking, so when you do finally have something interesting to share there will be nobody who sees it.  Occasionally though, of course you must promote your book.  Promotion is part of your job as an Indie, so share your work proudly now and then.  There is no shame at all in earning cash for your writing, and nothing wrong with marketing without being spammy.


Authors, Wake Up and Get to Work!


Before you authors run away because I’m talking about a marketing idea today. Don’t. You blew that one off with another author’s post recently and missed out on a very good, very easy opportunity. We write about things like book covers and formatting and you eat it up but anything that ventures in to the area of the dreaded world of promotion you run like conservative and a tree hugger festival.

I have eleven years experience in marketing. My interest in helping promote authors is not one that is some half wit idea without some thought given. I’ve done articles about authors needing social media presence for a reason. Articles about getting your book description right on Amazon have come up, with little attention by readers.

“Why does my great book about blah blah blah not sell?” Because your book description says a boy and his dog set off on an adventure across the country. That it, nothing else.

Back to marketing. How do you get people to buy your books? Advertising? No.

There are two ways; Word of Mouth and Word of Your Mouth

Word of Mouth

This is how most books get around. People to friends. Those friends could be face to face friends (f-f) or online community friends (OCF). Regardless of which, they are among people that know each other and are liable to listen. Send me an Amazon email with that list of books and I am more than likely not going to bother.

Word of Your Mouth

And here is why I’m writing this today. Jo Robinson wrote a great article How to Create Downloadable Links to Give Away Books from your Newsletter Sign Up  In it she discusses exactly what the title says. But there is something she mentions that might be missed. And it was missed by a lot of people because for some reason this article didn’t get the massive response a Jo Robinson article normally does. Why? I won’t repeat why but as authors we want to write our books and that’s it.

Those times are long gone unless you write about wizards and have a nice bit of plastic surgery done. Or you have so many books out there that they do your leg work for you. But even then you have to play the game. Indie Authors MUST do it. House Published authors NEED to do it and are encouraged to do it by their publishing house.

What did Jo say in her article? A lot. But the one piece that I am talking about is as an author you MUST build up an email list. An email list is made up of people who have shown interest in something you were giving enough to give you their email address, which is a big deal these days. Start now before you even know you are going to write a book. Come up with some idea for a Newsletter and have those people sign up. 1000 people sign up and then get word of your book. Let’s say 10% buy your book. 100 people buy it. of that say 50% tell their f-f or OCF.

It keeps going and going. Your one email newsletter or email blast about your book is now spreading for you by word of mouth. Just think. Oprah speaks and people buy. Books never heard of may be mentioned by her and are then a best seller in days.

Read Jo’s article about how to set up a newsletter email system. It’s worth the time.






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