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Here you will find articles of inspiration, motivation, and even helpful tips to keep you going through that month long novel writing experience. We’ll be sharing anything and everything we find to make your life easier. If you need support, we’ll be here to answer your questions and hold your hand, unless we need you to hold ours or we’re asleep. That’s right, I know some of us are going to be in the trenches with you. I’ve already signed up and named my book, even with a synopsis of sorts, just to have something there to have me moving forward.

Have a question? Ask it. If you see a question in one of the articles, don’t be afraid to give advice, if you have thought it through. And if we give a different piece of advice, don’t think anything of it. We all know each of us write a different way. Trust me, I speak from experience as a co-author of a book due to be released by the end of the year.

I promise something new for you each day, even if it’s an inspirational quote from some great writer. We want you to know we’re here with you.

And remember, there is also the Young Writer’s version. 17 and under can set their own more reasonable word count goals.


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