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Jo Robinson






Jo has had a very busy past few years. She’s moved all around the African continent it seems. Some places I just can’t imagine. And if you’ve visited some of the other former reviewers you can probably guess that this lady has time only for her own blog right now, as well as beginning Vlogging, which should be great considering where she lives. Check her Amazon author page by clicking HERE.

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One thought on “Jo Robinson”

  1. Dear Jo,

    I am a Michigan writer, and my international women’s novel, “Burying Leo,” was recently released by Laurel Highlands Publishing, Pennsylvania. It is now available at Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, etc.

    The novel depicts a young vocalist’s struggle with the tragic consequences of sexual assault – until a redeeming and rather unconventional romance catapults her into reclaiming her life’s dream.

    Although the publication of “Burying Leo” coincides with a subject matter that is currently being widely discussed in the American media, that part of my story-line plays out in late 20th century Europe.

    A Detroit area journalist highlighted the unique relevance of the novel with the following announcement:

    Hoping you are interested in reviewing “Burying Leo,” I would be happy to make the publisher’s initial press release and a copy of the novel available to you.

    Helga Gruendler-Schierloh


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