Welcome to Lit World Interviews. If you’re a regular visitor here you may notice we have a new look. We’re trying out a new theme and seeing how it works.

As you may ascertain we here at LWI conduct interviews with members of the publishing world, book reviews in every genre, and provide feature articles pertaining to writing and self-publishing.

You may click on a Team Members name above and on the left to find out what they do here and what particular genres they are interested in for Book Reviews.

We’re an enthusiastic team with a love of the written word. Our members range from the college student to the professor, from the dedicated blogger to the indie and traditionally published author, and from the patient to the doctor.

Look around and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments below. If your interest is in a book review request, we have a Book Review Request Form above.

Much Respect

Ronovan & the LWI Team

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