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Who is Florence?

Bio: Psychotherapist, educator, lawyer, and a student of writing with a passion for books and music as well as an insatiable curiosity for learning and everything else.

Ronovan’s Take: If I went into who all Florence is we would be here forever. Her bio says it in a nutshell but it does not do her life justice. I don’t know of another person who has as hectic a work schedule as this person. Psychotherapist (yes she does give me advice at times, don’t ask), a college instructor, and a very experienced attorney with administrative duties in the firm, and yes, trial lawyer. Add to that a family woman with a house full of  three generations she is responsible for. I know of only one other friend that has a similar life but with different roles and yes, that friend is a woman too. I am exhausted just writing this. And an update to the original entry here; she’s a world traveler, lecturing on law in places like London and Rome. And yes, I do sometimes feel a bit below the standard here.

Why is Florence here?

She’s a reviewer and is taking an interest in doing interviews.

What does Florence do here?

Florence is game for anything asked of her, even out of her comfort zone. She contributes, not only with the editing. For Book Review Requests email her at ronovanwrites (at) gmail (dot) com.



In Fiction:



Psych Thriller

Chick Lit

Contemporary Fiction

Literary Fiction (Think Ian McEwan)

Fantasy (No Science Fiction).


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3 thoughts on “Florence Thum”

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  2. Florence brings considerable insight to elicit a resolution response to intrinsic self-empowerment systems. She’s one of the most skilled neuro-linguistic feedback engineers I’ve ever met.

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