Book Review Request Page & Form.

WE ARE CLOSED TO REQUESTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! This will allow for some to get caught up and others to take breaks from constant reviewing. Please visit us again after the New Year.

One of the major things we do on LWI is book review. We sometimes get more offers than we can handle, but to make it easier for submissions I wanted to create a form. Some of the team have request forms on their own personal blogs and if there is a specific person you are interested in reviewing your work, you may want to visit their blog to see if they have such a form. If they don’t, you will have an opportunity to note your preference in the form below. I, Ronovan, will be the only one to see certain parts of the form. If I am unable to do the review due to time or health, which I have do have problems that limit my time, I will pass the important information to the team unless you say specifically you only want me to do a review, which I would be surprised as I tend to be a tough reviewer and at times blunt. Okay, so not blunt. But I would send an email saying why I might not wish to post a review after reading, as do some of the other members if a book would end up with an unfavorable review. Our goal is not to harm a reputation. If you say to post a review regardless of rating then we would do so.

We do not review every book that is submitted. This may be due to reasons ranging from lack of time to genre interest. We do consider each book that comes our way. A book review is between the reviewer and the author and posted on LitWorldInterviews.Com as a way to increase the audience of the review. Any praise or other wise goes to the reviewer.

Colleen Chesebro has a form on her blog to fill out. Click here.

Now to the form. Please keep in mind it may take time for a review to be completed as we do them in the order we receive them. We do try to contact each author as quickly as possible. We receive quite a few and I am actively recruiting Reviewers to join the Team in order to meet the demand. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.~Ronovan

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