Random Tales


Don Massenzio has written 4 very readable short stories with different themes. There is the motorbike rider in ‘Heal Thyself’ who discovers his body is startlingly different after an accident, the jazz pianist in ‘Play it again Des’ who gets more than he bargained for, and the delightful ‘Lucy’s Christmas Miracle’ involving Detective Frank Rozzani and a possible child abduction scenario.  However, my favourite was the excellent ‘August 1963’ about how a young white boy, lonely and feeling a misfit amongst his peers, befriends 3 black children in the racial troubles of the 1960’s in the South.

There are a couple of editing errors and so I cannot give the full 5 stars, but nevertheless enjoyed these four stories.  Recommended for fans of suspenseful short stories.

Mr Massenzio also explains how he came to write the four stories, and that in particular ‘Lucy’s Christmas Miracle’ was written in a couple of hours on a turbulent airplane flight.  I would think writing the story must have been very therapeutic in the situation he found himself in!