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I am pleased that Cynthia Morgan, one of my fellow Creativia authors, has agreed to answer 20 of my questions. Cynthia A. Morgan is the creator of the mythical realm of Jyndari and author of the epic fantasy, “Dark Fey: The Reviled”, Book One of the Dark Fey Triology.  “The Reviled” draws the reader into a mystical realm of primordial forests, magic and the lives of Light-loving and Darkness-revering Feykind.  Not to be confused with pixies or “Tinkerbell” type fairies, the feyfolk of Jyndari are winged beings the size of any human who live in a realm where tradition, magic, and spirituality are fundamentals of everyday life.

Reviews of Dark Fey continue to earn 5 stars by lovers of fantasy as well as readers who do not typically enjoy that genre.  Compared to a fantasy version of a play by Shakespeare, “Dark Fey The Reviled” is a brutally beautiful story of Love, Hope, and finding Peace in the Darkness.

The Reviled by Cynthia Morgan

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1.  Did you believe in fairies as a child?

I am sure I did, but it wasn’t something that I specifically focused on. More importantly was the fact that my parents encouraged my imagination and creativity, which eventually blossomed into poetry and stories, and ultimately, the Fey of Jyndari.

2.  At what age did you start writing poetry?

I have been writing and rhyming since I was very young. In fact, I recently discovered cards I wrote to my mother as a child, in crayon, that contained poetry I had written for her.

3.  Are you an only child?

No, I have one older sister, with whom I am very close.

4.  Were you ever in trouble for daydreaming as a child?

Many times in school, but more for writing (stories) when I should have been studying. When I was at home daydreaming was fine J

5.  Why do you prefer to write fantasy above other genres?

I actually do not necessarily prefer it. I have written Regency Period Dramas, Post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi, and YA Romance, all of which I hope to eventually publish. My focus right now just happens to be Fantasy, although having said all that, I do very much enjoy creating a tale in a realm where I am free to make up the rules as I go along.

6.  Tell us a little bit about your latest work, book 3 of the ‘Dark Fey’ trilogy.

Book Three will take the story and characters of Dark Fey into the final phase; that quintessential battle that ultimately must take place. It will also broaden the spectrum a bit, allowing several of the minor characters the “flex their wings’ so to speak, and it will take an unexpected turn in order to accomplish the Purpose I have planned for it.  I know that’s rather vague, but can’t give too much away before I’ve even written it.

7.  Where or how do you find the inspiration for your plots?

The original inspiration for the story came to me through a vivid dream, which I could not stop thinking about days afterward. As I thought about it, the characters developed and the idea expanded, so I finally sat down and wrote out the first scene, which is now Chapter Six of The Reviled.

8.  Did you promote your blog ‘Booknvolume’ in order to attract 15,000 followers, or did they just subscribe?

I do very minimal promotion via Twitter, but by and large, those who follow me subscribed on their own for their own reasons. I am Blessed and Amazed each time I log in and see the following continuing to increase, particularly because when I started out less than three years ago I didn’t have a clue about blogging.

9.  Which social media do you think is best for promoting your books?

I have had the most response through Twitter and have been able to network with the broadest range of other writers/authors there. I think with any social media a certain level of caution is merited, but I am always willing to learn about new avenues from other Indies; this is simply where I have had the most success.
10. Where in the world is home to you?

I reside in Pennsylvania, but Wales is Home to my Heart and Spirit. The Poem “Home” which I wrote about the love I feel for the homeland of my Fathers and the Call I constantly feel to return to that place, although I’ve never stepped foot there (yet) may explain better:

11. Do you write full-time, or do you also have a day job?

I look forward to the day when I will be able write full-time, as there is nothing I desire to do more, but until then, I also work a day job as a medical/administrative secretary.

12. Do you think there is life on Mars?

I believe the possibility exists that there was once life on Mars, though long ago. Having said that, however, I do also believe there is Life on many other worlds throughout the Cosmos.  The mathematical probability is simply too great to discount.  Besides, I believe all the Heavens were Created by the Great Artist of all Life and I do not know of any Artist or Creative Individual that creates just one work of art and then says they are done.

13. Does it concern you that we are just floating around in space ad infinitum?

Personally, I believe everything has Purpose, even if we do not understand that Purpose or plan. So no I am not worried. I truly Believe it is all very well in hand.

14. Have you ever seen a ghost?

Yes I have, actually, and it (she) scared the bejebbers out of me! More frequently, however, I have experienced the presence of energy without form.

15. Do you believe our spirits live on after death?

I believe our spirits do live on after the physical body ceases and it is a subject I am currently exploring on my blog (Those We Do Not Speak Of – )

16. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

I am very eclectic and enjoy everything from Mozart to Marilyn Manson, Beethoven to Depeche Mode, and Hans Zimmer to Delirium. The only form I am not enamored with, really, is rap.

17. Is there anywhere you’d love to visit, but as yet haven’t done so?

First and Foremost, Great Britain. But I’d love to see Italy, the French countryside, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Australia, part of the Caribbean, Hawaii, Romania, Kenya ….If it’s out there, I’d probably love to visit.

18. Do you find yourself laughing at things that others don’t find funny?

All the time. Laughter is the Music composed by the Soul that is Shared through the Heart.

19. Are you a positive Blue Sky thinker?

I do try to be, if only to keep the pragmatist in me in check!

20. Which one of your possessions would you take with you to a desert island?

Presuming that I am not stranded, but just staying on holiday, I would say my camera so I could capture the moment(s). If however you mean I am going to be stranded and can take only one thing, then I’d say my Swiss Army Knife.  There I go being pragmatic, but MacGyver would approve.

Thanks Cynthia for taking the time to answer my questions.  Like you I worked as a medical secretary, and I also am not enamoured with rap!

If any authors/publishers would like to answer 20 of my questions, please contact me on my website  with some information about yourself.


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