Just created this week is a new Book Review facebook group!

Book Reviews for You facebook group.If you are sharing honest reviews, join this one. I know, we all share honest reviews, right? What I mean here are those reviews you would recommend to your closest friends and stake your reputation on.

Two rules only to this group:

  1. Post only one review per day. If you’ve been reviewing a long time, you have a lot of books. Keep in mind the more reviews posted, the fewer seen. You will not be doing yourself, or the author you reviewed service flooding the group.
  2. Keep it classy. People of all ages will be viewing this group at one time or other. That means you need to keep what you say on your post family friendly. Your review may not be family friendly, but you can make note of that on your update in the group.

Add reviewers you know to the group, tell people about it, and turn it into something worthwhile and not another personal book promotion page. I won’t be sharing any reviews about  my own current or future books in the group.

Much Respect


Now, I want to warn you… this is not your typical pirate tale! It’s BETTER!” – Review

Five Gold StarsAmber Wake: Gabriel Falling on Amazon

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