There are a couple of reasons why you might want to offer your eBook with its paperback version at a steeply discounted price, or even free using Kindle Matchbook. People love a bargain, so it stands to reason that they’re really going to like the freebie best of all, but for instance – when buying a paper book as a gift they then can get the eBook for themselves at a steep discount – bonus. If someone is spending ten bucks for a paper book, an extra ninety nine cents shouldn’t be hard to spend. You get the full seventy percent royalty on the small sale which isn’t a huge pile to be true, but most importantly it also gives your rankings a boost. Also noteworthy, giving a free full colour eBook with a black and white paper self help book can do wonders to boost your CreateSpace sales.

Putting high quality colour images in your Kindle book is easy and only costs you a small amount of your royalty whenever someone buys and downloads it. Putting colour images in your paper book for CreateSpace is a whole different deal though, and you should always use the calculator there to find out what the minimum cost to produce it will be first before hitting any save button. Consider if colour images justify the high end cost to your readers.

It makes no difference how many images in your paper book are colour – the cost to print will be the same whether there is one or a hundred colour pictures in it. My non-fiction book is only a hundred and six pages long and if it were to be printed with colour images it would cost over twenty dollars. For a simple how to book such as mine is, I doubt that many people would be willing to fork out that kind of money. Unless you want to publish a special full colour children’s book, a fabulous coffee table tome or recipe book, or anything that really is all about the pictures, you might want to stick to black and white, but sweeten the pot by offering a full colour Kindle version using Amazon’s Matchbook feature.

There are still people out there who adamantly refuse to buy anything other than paper books, but the majority of us enjoy the convenience of eBooks. With Matchbook you can offer the digital version of your book either discounted at two ninety nine or less (textbooks nine ninety nine or less), or give it away free to anyone who purchases the paperback. Not only does your reader get to have the convenience of being able to look at a physical book on their desk while they’re using it to learn to do something – possibly on their computer in which case it can be a pain flipping between the how to book on Kindle for PC and whatever it is that you’re trying to learn – but they can also access any links that you’ve put in the eBook as well as getting to eyeball the colour images.

You will see whether or not a book is enrolled beneath the blurb on its landing page.


To enroll your own book, go to your bookshelf and select it in the Book Actions tab.

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