16 thoughts on “How to get EFT Payments from Amazon for Non US Residents @JoRobinson176”

    1. Pleasure Laurie! It really is good. The royalties accrue separately with each marketplace on Amazon so I would imagine waiting for all of them to arrive could take more than a lifetime in some cases. This way you get all your hard earned pennies. 🙂

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      1. Yes old Amazon certainly worked that out to help themselves originally. At least this way they aren’t benefiting from your pennies while they’re accruing.

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        1. You’re so right. I was thinking the other day about the authors who pass away without heirs or a will. Their royalties must just add up in some sort of holding account. And then the royalties of non US authors who don’t get paid by EFT must be quite a fat sum considering that there are millions of books for sale. All those pennies really must add up to millions and supply quite a nice bunch of interest.

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          1. Thanks for jogging my sleepy brain Jo, I’m going to have to take another look at my will. 🙂 Yes there would definitely be oodles of pennies hanging around.


  1. I’m a Swiss/Canadian living in Switzerland, but with a Canadian bank account. My royalties will be going to that bank account. (As Switzerland and the USA have a tax treaty, I was able to avoid paying tax by supplying my Swiss tax nr.). According to the Amazon manual, this is supposed to work?


  2. my situation: I must receive a payment from US by EFT, they require me the acconut number, the routing number and the bank name.. Will I be able to send these information to the company with a Payoneer account in order to receive my payment?


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