Due to information from several commenters, I have decided until I have been able to dig deeper into this subject the post has been removed. I had gone on information from several other posts I had read and then read the policy myself and they all lined up, but with other authors providing additional information, I felt it irresponsible of me to leave the post up while there was the remotest doubt in my mind.

Many of the points brought up in comments were thoughts I had but was swayed by belief in the arguments of those who protested. Both, in truth, may be correct, depending on the situations.

The information I found supported the opinion but now I am finding myself, through the information provided by those of great trust sending me to dig deeper.

This is not the type of article one expects from me. A great failing in my career of providing information to the Author community.

Please do not confuse any other information from LWI with the content of that article. Until I have conducted enough research to put my mind at ease the article will remain in the trash of my blog.

I will provide an update once I have finished continued research.

My apologies for any confusion this has caused.


Much Respect