Hear the author of Order of Seven @beth_teliho with @MandiCLBT

Hear the Author of Order of Seven herself, Beth Teliho. She reads a passage from her newest book. And the sense of humor she has? LOVE IT!

Okay, I am now a fan! This video did it for me! Excellent idea.


Cellulite Looks Better Tan

It’s not every day that something happens for the FIRST TIME EVER on my blog, but today is different.

We all know Beth, the blogger,  from Writer B is Me. We know Beth Teliho the author of The Order of Seven (which is live today), but only one of us (it’s me) knows Beth in real life.

Since I can’t give her to you, I’m giving you the next best thing. My treat for you today is as close to that as I can get.

We had a conversation. It took lots of convincing. When I said to her, “Beth, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone,” she finally agreed.

For the first time, you get to hear her and see her, and she’s reading an excerpt from her book. To you.

You’re welcome.

Listen, ingest the words. Like little blue pills, they will affect you.

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2 thoughts on “Hear the author of Order of Seven @beth_teliho with @MandiCLBT”

  1. She is a wonderful Blogger too. I’m gonna buy that book just as soon as I can. The reviews and what friends have told me have been amazing.


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