It’s just a word but… by @FTThum



Words…I love them.  So my nerdy self downloaded the app on my smartphone, and subscribed to ‘Word of the Day’.

I get a word sent to me every day… some are quite interesting but not so worthwhile remembering, while others make my list of Use-able Words.

As part of the ‘notification’ there usually is a short list of things, or a short article about the history or origin of certain words.  Again, interesting to a nerd like me and a time-killer.

Nevertheless, I am going to share this with you – ‘7 Words with Real Character‘.  Let’s see how long it will take for you to use all of them in your writing 🙂

Another list of 7 – ‘7 Chinese Loanwords to Expand Your Vocabulary‘.  How many have you used?  Know any other ones you wish to share?

Finally, a list about heart – ‘8 Expression with Heart‘.  Know any other ones?  Share them in the Comments section below.

That’s it, something light from me. Enjoy!

– FlorenceT




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A human Being and Doing, on living a meaningful and purposeful life.

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