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Grá mo Chroí

‘Love of my Heart’

 Love Stories from Irish Myth

ali isaac jane doughertyTitle: Grá mo Chroí Love Stories from Irish Myth
Author: Ali Isaac & Jane Dougherty
Format: Kindle
Price: $.99
File Size: 2095 KB
Print Length: 88 pages
Genre: Fantasy, Irish Mythology
Publisher: Dougherty- Isaac
Published: 11 February 2015
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Word Wise: Not Enabled
Lending: Enabled
Sold by: Amazon
US and UK

I received Grá mo Chroí Love Stories from Irish Myth in preparation of an interview. I want to say I may have been asked to review it but you guys know my memory issues so I’m not positive. Regardless, as soon as I went to Amazon and saw what it was, I responded in email YES!!!! gimme an interview!!! PLEASE! Okay, maybe I wasn’t THAT exclamatory, but I was very interested. This was a new genre for me to venture in to. As for the interview? You’ve read the great answers to my meager questions to the authors already. But did I like the book, or simply liked the authors? You know. that does happen.

Let’s start with the Book Description you find on Amazon:

Long ago in a green island surrounded by protective mists, a people lived among the relics of a bygone age of which they knew nothing, not being archaeologists, but around whom they created a mythology. They were a volatile people, easily moved to love or war, and motivated by a strict sense of honour. They had women warriors and handsome lovers, wicked queens and cruel kings, precious heroines and flawed heroes. Magic was in the air, beneath the ground, and in the waves of the sea, and hyperbole was the stuff of stories. They were the Irish, and these are a few retellings of some of their beautiful stories.

Now it’s my turn.

The stories are of love and tragedy and more. I felt while reading the stories I was reading not about people in a book, or about love between two people and what befalls them but the love of a people for their homeland and their culture and the tragedies they faced throughout the ages. Yes, it hit me where it hurt, or it felt. Got me in the heart. If you want, you can skip to the score and go buy the book now. Or you can keep reading. Buy now or read and then get it, it’s up to you, but you won’t regret getting this one.

The stories selected for retelling are linked at times, not intentionally so, but it happens and in a way you end up reading a longer story, a small novella of sorts. You have a common theme and even recurring characters that either are mentioned or actually show up again. The two styles of writing that Ali Issac and Jane Dougherty have are different but not so much that you really notice or is so much a distraction. I think it is more the selection of stories they chose to retell that shows their differences and interests, but that to me lends some added diversity to the book. And it also shows how Irish stories are so linked together in so many ways.

When first beginning to read the book I had to stop because the language is a bit different than I am accustomed to. The language is beautiful. By that I mean it makes you feel and drift along with the stories. After a few lines, a passage you are in the story and  no longer realize you may be reading in a style that you are not accustomed to.

Each story led me to want to see a larger story of each. The imagery was very well done and at times I could truly see what was happening. I would like to see if the authors would take some of the stories and expand on them and tell a what happens next story. Perhaps a future collaboration?

What I really took away from this was a new love of a style of language that I want to incorporate in my own writing. Not so much the actual style but the way words are used. You feel love in the work. You know the people in the stories are feeling what is being said.

A retelling of stories for us today is a great idea. It’s nice to learn about these tales that are part of a culture and heritage. That’s one thing not to miss when reading this book. These are not fairy tales or bed time stories. These are parts of a past.

Character Believability4Grá mo Chroí: Love Stories from Irish Myth
Flow and Pace3
Reader Engagement–4
Reader Enrichment–5
Reader Enjoyment5
Review Rating Results–4.2

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16 thoughts on “#BookWorm @RonovanWrites Review Grá mo Chroí Love Stories from Irish Myth @aliisaac_ & @MJDougherty33”

  1. Thank you so much for your appreciative words, and for getting to the heart of these stories, Ronovan. Ali and I were striving to reach back to a real flesh and blood past, and it sounds as though we have struck the right chord.

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  2. Thanks Ronovan for your review of Grá mo Chroí. Letting your latest book-baby out into the big wide world is always a scary moment, so it was great to read your well-timed response!

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    1. I enjoyed the stories and the writing. The ones I don’t like don’t get published on the site. No reason to bash a bad book. But was not even close to bashing here. Truly enjoyed it and plan to take the feel to heart as I write my next book.

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  3. Fantastic review. I love Ali and Janes writing. I was wondering if you were interested in multi-touch iBooks atall. I have just published one. You can learn more about The Sword of Air on my website and blog http://www.swordofair.net. The only downside is the technology is so cutting edge the book can only be read on Mac or iPad. However I think being able to incorporate stunning photography, cinematic soundtrack and HD video in an ebook is a very exciting concept. My story is also based loosely on Irish mythology. Take care. Rae.

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