37 thoughts on “Why Google+? Getting Started.”

    1. Thanks for sharing Gale! You’re absolutely right about the trolls. So far I’ve only come across a couple of overly affectionate love trolls on G+, and nothing like the venom you see around FB.


  1. I started using Google + only a few months ago. I mostly use it for link sharing (both mine and others’). I am not so active but I know that building slowly can work better in the long run so I am curious to see how things will evolve in the future.

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  2. Excuse my ignorance yet I am – and never will be – that good with PC’s. I have on the advice of a pal just set up what seems to look like a blog on Google+. Is that the same thing you talk of here? ‘Tis all confusing yet rather fortuitous I spotted this informative post. Cheers.


    1. That could be a Blogger account Mike. A G+ will look like the pics here. You would love Google+ and meet a lot more like minded and laid back people there, so you should have a go at getting connected. Cheers! 🙂

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  3. I agree with you about g+ being much more appealing than Facebook. I especially like controlling who sees what I post, so my kids don’t have to see what I tell my colleagues, and my writer – supporters don’t have to see what I tell my neighbors. I also take advantage of the ability to receive notifications of posts ONLY from a few of the people who I circled, and, similarly, to filter recent postings by my circles.

    People who are looking for more visibility, or for up-and-coming writers, might want to join the #SaturdayScenes community. Every Saturday, writers share something that we’re working on, and readers give constructive feedback. We have been second only to #Caturday in g+ trends on Saturday.


    1. True. The control is the best part. Posting in FB is like throwing something out of the window and hoping that someone you know will catch it. Is the #SaturdayScenes and actual community or do you guys just use the hashtag? Sounds fun.


  4. I have used Google-+ for the past year and I really like the format, however, upon becoming a daily blogger, I’m considering downsize my FB page to reflect only my blogs, poetry, short stories and other writings.

    I have discovered FB and Google-+ are allowing the user to be selective of who views their postings.

    I have unfriended family and friends as they post their daily memoir of life beginning with awaking, the constant before and after photos of food, and the occasional posting of they cannot sleep at night.

    It will be easy to write an autobiography or memoir as the details of life are available for all to view on social media. LOL


  5. I have been quite lazy about creating G+, I really dislike facebook’s capitalist and greedy policies and refused to create an author page there. A friend of mine told me G+ has no such thing, and the communities are gread. And after reading this extremely helpful article, I went ahead and built by long overdue G+ page. Thank you so much for writing all this information! I can’t thank you enough!

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  6. For the past few months, I’ve had issues with my password. I changed it, yet it keeps stating that the password has failed. It’s very difficult to find someone connected with Google+ to help me troubleshoot it. How do you all handle those types of issues?


    1. Have you tried clicking on the Forgot Password? That way Google automated will email you a new one to reset from. If you click on the Google+ Help Centre link above in this post, there’s a Contact Us page in there too.


  7. This is very helpful Jo, many thanks. I have Google plus but no idea how to use it properly, so I need to take my time and read this and apply it as I admit to being a bit confused by it. But that’s just me being thick 😦 I have a circle (I think). Do you add people as friends or followers? Thanks for the help 🙂 ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  8. Thank for this post, Jo. Currently I only have Twitter and I have been very reluctant to go on Facebook having read quite a few blogs about how frustrating and over rated it is. I’ve also heard from quite a few people recently who have taken the plunge and pressed that delete button on their Facebook account.

    I’ve been looking for a second social media site for a while and, having read you post, I think Google+ may be the answer. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction after being at this crossroads for a very long time.

    Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the Summer.


  9. Hi Jo,
    have had a G+ account just before I started the blog with WordPress, but never used it that much, probably because I already had a big following on Facebook, and so did not really have time to discover G+, and have now lost the link. I find my job (running a charity bookshop for Help the Rural Child) time for my wonderful wife Genevieve, and the time my blog and composing a new poem each day takes so long that there is no time for either Facebook or G+, but this article makes me think that I should try and resurrect my G+ account, thanks for this interesting and inspirational post, best wishes and blessings, Charles.


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