“domestic violence is a disease” ‘Mine’&’Facade’ author @JanelleKahele Q&A

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J Kahele



And a very nice Lady.

I probably got the order wrong if you ask her.

 RW: At the time of this interview your newest book is Facade but I asked you to discuss another book instead. The issue of domestic violence that I see too much of in life is the centerpiece and I wanted you to share the story with our readers. What message does Mine give to the reader?

J Kahele: I hope that it shows them, this is a serious problem and that no matter what class, gender, sexuality a person is, domestic violence has no prejudice, it attacks everyone.

RW: I definitely agree. When I write I discover new things about myself. Even when writing about others I can’t help but explore me at the same time. What did your exploring bring out of you?

J Kahele: I learned that it is very hard sometimes to put down on paper, the words that are in your head and it can sometimes be very frustrating.

RW: Knowing how the book came about I can understand or at least have an opinion of why it was difficult. Tell our readers how you come up with the idea for the book?

J Kahele: I have had to watch people I love suffer with this disease and felt that I needed to help in some way, so I wrote the book. To be quite honest the book is based on a true story but the friend I wrote it about didn’t want people to know so I listed it as fiction. I wanted to show people how domestic violence is a disease that affects everyone and that we all need to step up and help to stop it.

RW: There are three main characters in the book that play pivotal roles. Who are they?

J Kahele: Jenna is a 22 year old woman who marries a prominent Senator Ben Kramer at the tender age of seventeen. Ben is abusive right away and uses her like a whipping pole when he feels like it. Then there is Andrew Carington, a young good looking attorney who enters into Jenna’s life and an affair ensues between the two of them.

RW: Describe your book in one word.

J Kahele: Truth

***I admire that answer.***

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Connect with J Kahele

Twitter: @JanelleKahele

Goodreads: J. Kahele

Website: www.janellekahele.com

Now for the other kinds of questions that I ask to determine who J really is. 

RW: Who are your favorite authors?

J Kahele: Mary Shelley, David Clive Price, Stephen King

RW: What is your favorite beverage to drink, any kind?

J Kahele: Haha. Diet Coke.

RW: What is your escape from writing when you are at that about to explode point?

J Kahele: Actually, it’s more like I escape to write so I don’t reach the boiling point.

RW: What is your background in writing, what makes you a writer?

J Kahele: I presently have four books out and I believe anyone who writes is a writer. Writing is a passion, a way of life.

RW: Is Romance of sorts your particular genre of choice?

J Kahele: I don’t write in the genre, it sort of picked me. I write what is in my head, not for a specific genre.

RW: What are you working on right now?

J Kahele: I am working on a romantic comedy with my friend from the UK, James Duncan.

RW: What book are you reading at this time?

J Kahele: Encouragement from Dr. Hank.

RW: What is your biggest tip for someone to getting published?

J Kahele: I had an opportunity to go more with a traditional publisher, but I chose to self publish, only because the traditional publisher wanted to change my words and I felt that was kind of selling out. I guess it is up to each individual what they would choose to do.

RW: What is your favorite word and why?

J Kahele: Imbecile because it makes me laugh.

I asked where J Kahele is from but instead of giving the answer I will give this clue and a somewhat bit of trivia. Her pro team quarterback was my alma mater team quarterback. Her team’s mascot, one of Dorthy and Friends’ fears defeated another of their fears on Thanksgiving Day.


Why did I ask J Kahele for an interview? I saw her book Mine after we connected on Twitter. When I connect in any fashion with an author I go and look for their books. ‘Mine’ caught my eye. I thought it a good subject to share and here we are. I have to say I am always surprised how nice some people are but J Kahele has been extraordinarily wonderful to work with. If you have a blog, reach out and offer to host her books, review them. Nice people need to be supported. Connect with her everywhere, as I  have, and remember after reading her book . . .

Read a Book, Write a Review.

Much Respect


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2 thoughts on ““domestic violence is a disease” ‘Mine’&’Facade’ author @JanelleKahele Q&A”

  1. Hi Ronovan and J Kahele,

    Great Interview, Q & A!
    As a police officer I have first hand experience of Domesstic Violence. It is one of the most dangerous calls police are dispatched to and always requires at least 2 officers. The Standard Operating Procedure is to separate the combatants and calm things down. In most states, if there is evidence of physical injury, someone goes to jail. You are right, it happens all too often. A funny one was two ‘boyfriends’ fighting (at a bar). My FTO talked to one, I to the other – then we switched, soon my boss called us over and said: “Okay guys, you can kiss and make up – or go to jail . . it’s your call.” To my astonishment, they kissed * hugged! In the car, I asked him, “WHAT was that all about?” He responded, “They are boyfriends . . . there was no injuries, so better to let them solve it and no one goes to jail.” I’ll never forget that.

    Best of SUCCESS to you, J. I respect your decision to self-publish than to ‘sell out’ to R-H.

    Mike Phelps

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