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Nowhere_to_Run_Jeanne_Bannon.jpgNowhere to Run


Jeanne Bannon

An excerpt from the book:

A creak came from the back of the diner. Lily lifted her head to listen. Another small groan of the floorboards. Could Sara be giving her a sign?

“Sara?” Lily slid off the stool.

A tall, dark figure loomed in the doorway.

Lily froze, her heart near exploding. “What do you want?” she choked out in a thin voice.

He stepped nearer. “Open the register.” His voice was a deep whisper.

A balaclava hid his face; the seams of a dark gray coat strained over a thickly muscled physique. He aimed the gun in his right hand at her chest.

Her feet seemed rooted to the floor.

“I said, open the register.”

The man moved close enough for Lily to catch his scent—a mix of sweat and cheap aftershave. He shoved her forward, snapping her from her stupor, and followed as she made her way behind the counter to the cash register.

A glowing red light caught her attention. She hadn’t turned off the coffee maker! In one quick movement, Lily grabbed the pot’s plastic handle and launched the scorching brew at the woolen knit of the intruder’s balaclava. The gun landed with a thud between his booted feet as he clawed at the steaming mask plastered to his face.

Now was her chance. Lily shouldered past him to the front door. Her fingers, thick and clumsy with panic, fumbled as she tried in vain to turn the two deadbolt locks. She ordered herself to calm down. Take a breath. C’mon, you can do this, she told herself, but her heart jackhammered in her chest, and her ears pulsed with the rush of blood behind them.

Suddenly, a face appeared on the other side of the glass front door of the diner, sending Lily backward, nearly tripping over her own feet.

The stranger on the other side of the door took her in. A look of confusion flickered across his face. Then, as if coming back to himself, he yelled, “Hurry. Unlock the door!” The cold night air whipped his dark hair wildly around his face. His pale blue eyes locked on hers.

Panic had hijacked her brain. She didn’t know what to do. He could be an accomplice.


4 out of 5 stars “I confess I’m not a big romance reader, but this one was well put-together. The thriller-mystery aspects were cleverly done, and kept my interest. I had a quibble or two about the denouement, but nothing serious. I recommend this to anyone as a good, light read. I enjoyed the play-by-play between the romantic leads – it’s not mushy or overdone. I found Lily, the main character, credible and easy to relate to. I was never bored. The plot is fast-paced, the descriptions are excellent, some turns of phrase really stood out. I think Jeanne Bannon is a talented writer. I also liked her other book, Invisible, very much. She seems able to write in different genres with skill and aplomb.”-S. Dalton Click here for full review at Amazon.



I enjoy authors. I think if you’ve been visiting here at all you know that by now. When I encounter someone that is a real professional in all aspects of what they do I get even more excited. My guest today inspired me a bit. To be working in this business for over 20 years, is that a dream of everyone reading this or what? She ventured into writing the book of discussion today in a similar way that I ventured into writing Romance myself. Let’s get right into meeting . . .



Jeanne Bannon


RW: Where are you from?

JEANNE: I was born in Toronto Canada and live forty-five minutes outside of the city in a small town called Caledon.

RW: Who are your favorite authors?

JEANNE: I have many. I love J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, John Irving, Amy Tan, Ken Follett, Sarah Waters, Betty Smith – I’d better stop here because I could go on and on.

RW: What is your favorite beverage to drink, any kind?

JEANNE: Perrier water!

RW: What is your escape from writing when you are at that about to explode point?

JEANNE: Unfortunately, that point comes often for me. I love to do things with my family. Just go out, even if it’s just for a drive or to grab an ice cream. I’ll also watch Netflix. That can be a distraction, however, and it’s a bad habit. I don’t watch much regular television, so I guess I’m not wasting too much of my time.

RW: What is your favorite word?

JEANNE: Daughter. I have two of them and they are the most precious gifts I’ve ever been given.

RW: What is your background in writing, what makes you a writer?

JEANNE: I’ve always written. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t. I remember writing a bunch of poems in grade one and my teacher graciously transforming it into a book by stapling the pages into a folder and letting me decorate the front cover. Then she put it in our classroom library. I believe that was the time when I decided I wanted to keep writing. I’d gotten attention and some accolades. It was pretty nice. I do have a degree in journalism, but I’m not sure that makes me a writer. I’ve also worked in the publishing industry as an editor for over twenty years. Perhaps I’m a writer because I’m a reader first and foremost. My parents were readers and would leave paperbacks sitting around the house. I remember being curious about the books and started to read them. I was hooked after reading Cain and Abel by Jeffery Archer at the ripe old age of eleven. Then I moved on to Sidney Sheldon novels, lol.

RW: Why did you choose the name Nowhere to Run for your latest novel?

JEANNE: The title Nowhere to Run was not the original title. I’d titled it Love, Lies, and Redemption but the publisher decided the story needed a title that would better reflect the suspenseful elements of the novel and asked me to come up with a list of five alternatives. Nowhere to Run was on that list and that was the one they chose.

RW: What genre does your book fall into?

JEANNE: Nowhere to Run is romantic suspense.

INVISIBLE_COVER (smaller)I have also written a paranormal YA novel titled Invisible. I guess I’m all over the board when it comes to genres.

RW: You have books in two genres, which genre do you favor and why?

JEANNE: I would say my primary genre is paranormal YA. I love to write about the unexplainable; things that make our world mysterious and exciting. I also want to inspire and uplift young people. Invisible is about a teenaged girl named Lola. Lola is very tall and overweight. She doesn’t fit in at home or at school. She wants to disappear and one day, she does. It’s a story about bullying and fitting in and I hope it gives readers a positive message. Invisible has also been optioned for film. Got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

RW: An aside, here’s a review on Amazon for Invisible for those of you who are interested.

5 out of 5 stars “I can easily say this one of my favorite young adult books this year. The author portrays the characters in a very realistic manner, making this a story that will easily resonate with anyone who has ever been a victim of bullying or self esteem issues!”-Brenda Casto Click here for full review at Amazon.

RW: Tell us a little about your newest book, Nowhere to Run.

JEANNE: Okay, back to Nowhere to Run. The tagline is – what’s a girl to do when she falls in love with the man whose mission it is to bring her down?

Here’s a tidbit from the back of the book:

With the murder of her only sister, Sara, just a few months past, Lily Valier—a woman of beauty and substance—tops the sheriff’s list of suspects in small town Maine, and for a very good reason. Dear old Dad had willed his fortune to Sara and only Sara, leaving Lily to fend for herself. However, with no murder weapon or witnesses, the evidence against Lily is only circumstantial.

Enter P.I. Aiden O’Rourke, black-haired and blue-eyed, charged with gaining Lily’s trust and learning her secrets, all to finally get the goods on her. Things move fast and feelings run deep, yet when Lily discovers the truth about Aiden, everything begins to come apart.

RW: What inspired the book?

JEANNE: Okay, this is a long story but I’ll make it short. I was invited to join a group of like-minded writers to pen a romance. We’d divided up into smaller groups, but my two writing partners kinda hijacked the project, pushing me to the sidelines. After a while, I left and decided to do my own thing. I’m not sure if those ladies ever finished their project, but I am proud to say that I did.

RW: What message do you think your book delivers to the reader?

JEANNE: I don’t think there’s much of a message in Nowhere to Run. I wrote it primarily to entertain. I do, however, touch on the paranormal (can’t help myself), so perhaps readers will learn a little about what I think happens to us when we die.

RW: What did you learn about yourself from writing this book?

JEANNE: That I can write outside my genre and that writing outside your genre is really hard.

RW: Where can we get your book now?

JEANNE: It’s on Amazon, Scribd, Etopia Press’s website, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance Ebooks

RW: How do people connect with you through all forms of social media?


Facebook –

Twitter – @JeanneBannon

Blog –

Website –

RW: Do you currently have representation?

JEANNE: Yes, I am represented by Karen Thomas of the Serendipity Literary Agency.

RW: What are you working on right now?

JEANNE: I’m on the final draft of a paranormal thriller titled Dark Angel. It’s about a female exorcist.

RW: What book are you reading at this time?

JEANNE: I’m reading Ken Follet’s Century Trilogy as well as Sarah Water’s latest novel, The Paying Guests.

RW: What is your biggest tip for getting published?

JEANNE: Persistence. Do not give up. All writers hit low points. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to make myself write, especially if I’ve had some negative feedback. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your dreams.

RW: If you could have written any book that exists, other than your own, what would it be and why?

JEANNE: I think I’d have to say, Donna Tartt’s Goldfinch. Although there wasn’t much by way of character redemption in the story, I found that the novel stayed with me for quite a while after I read it. I loved the character of Boris and was in awe of Ms. Tartt’s talent at character development.

I also loved J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. Perhaps a tie between these two? I think Ms. Rowling is a genius. If only I could be her for a day … sigh.


After the interview I almost asked for copies of her books to read. But I am a professional – in this space, I’m an interviewer not a reviewer. I enjoyed getting to know Jeanne better through her answers.  As expected, she is a professional and her cooperation is much appreciated. I am always surprised when an Author says yes to my requests.  I hope we see her here at Lit World Interviews again at the release of her next book. 

Everyone, get Jeanne Bannon’s books and remember this . . .

Read a Book, Write a Review.

Nowhere_to_Run_Jeanne_Bannon.jpgJeanne_Bannon.jpgINVISIBLE_COVER (smaller)

Much Respect


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