How to Get Page Numbers to Start in Chapter One for CreateSpace

Getting the page numbers and book title in the headers starting on the correct page for CreateSpace can have you pulling your hair out in bunches sometimes. You can download an already formatted template from CreateSpace and copy and paste your manuscript into that rather than going for the bald look, or you can make a nice clean template of your own.

Trying to reformat a couple of hundred pages of an already otherwise formatted Word document sometimes causes strange things to happen, so after many trial and errors along the way, I finally figured out that the easiest thing to do was to type my manuscripts without any formatting at all, and then copy and paste them into my own template before working on paragraphs, margins, and styles for CreateSpace. It’s wonderfully simple to do.

Open a new word document. Hit Enter twice, and then go to Page Layout > Breaks > Next Page to insert a Section Break. Repeat this for as many pages you need for your front matter. Three times is enough though, because you can always add more later.

On the first page of what will be the first chapter hit Enter twice and then Insert > Page Break. Insert page breaks between chapters rather than section breaks.

Double click to open Headers and Footers and unclick Same as Previous on all of them, working your way back through to the first page for your front matter.

Go back to the first page of the first chapter and Insert > Page Numbers. Then double click to open the Headers and Footers again, and you can type in your book title in the header. Save it, and whenever you have a book ready for paper just copy and paste it into your template, change the title in the header, complete your front matter, and Save As your book title. Once that’s done, the rest of the formatting is a piece of cake.

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