Genre Blending

Before I finished my first book, I had a list of all the top agents and publishers in the USA and the UK. The very thought of going Indie struck me as amateurish and pathetic, and it was going to be big time or bust. I had my synopsis ready, and my query letter. The more I learned about Indie publishing though, the more I fell in love with it, and by the time my first book was finished I had a totally different plan. I didn’t kick the option of traditional publishing to the kerb – I still haven’t done that. Even though I’ve never queried, I try never to say never, but I wanted to explore the amazing new world of anything goes first.

As an Indie writer you get to write about anything under the sun – satire – taboo – trigger inducing – revolting – weird – boring as watching paint dry – anything at all. I don’t want to read most of these things, but quite a lot of people do (alright – maybe not the paint drying), and with it being incredibly unlikely for some of these things being published traditionally, quite a lot of Indie “books” are making a lot of money this way. Who knew dinosaurs could get up to what they seem to get up to these days?

Apart from all that though, there is still a lot of new ground to be broken with genres and niches that traditional publications very likely wouldn’t take chances on, but with the very real possibility in the Indie world that they could take off with a bang. I fully intend to utilise my self-publishing freedom to mix things up with a couple of sets I have planned for the future. The thought of making up whole new genres is exciting in itself because I honestly believe that the real growth of the Indie market has only just begun, and isn’t going to implode under its own weight as a couple of people are prophesying. It’s going to be about brand new ideas and new ventures into the unknown, and maybe not so much the picking of genres and niches that rocketed unknown authors into the stratosphere a couple of years ago.

We’re going to have to think outside the box if we want to be noticed in amongst the millions, that in all probability in a couple of years will be billions of books out there. So maybe try mixing things up for your next story. You have nothing to lose. Think Fantasy Western, or Historical Weird, African Sci-Fi Paranormal Romance. Botanical Horror. Flower Fantasy. Why not? Anything goes in the world of Indie – try and imagine the never before done, and you could very well hit on the next big thing.

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