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Have you ever wanted writing help from someone whose book has been optioned to a movie studio?

Or maybe you want someone with years of experience as a Lead Copywriter for a media company in a major US city?

What if you could combine those two into one?

Let me introduce you to the services of;

Jen’s Edits & Critiques

Jen's Edits & Critiquesby

Jenna Willett

Author Jenna Willett

You’ve seen articles by Jenna Willett here on LWI before. She often has great advice, finds fabulous articles she shares on her blog Jen’s Pen Den, and I share those here whenever I remember to do so, much to the benefit of our readers and friends who visit us.

Jenna is very active in the writing community, participating in the annual NYC Midnight Challenges, where she does quite well and performs so many critiques she forgets there is a world of reality that exists. Believe me, I’ve done beta reading for her during the challenge and it’s a nightmare of an ordeal. And she keeps going back every year for more punishment.

For testimonials and pricing click HERE to head over to her business site.

I’ll say this in closing; if I were in the position to hire a professional to be my editor it would very likely be Jenna Willett. I’ve read her work, I know the dedication she has for the craft. I also know the agony she suffers through over her own work to get it just right. I know she would go even further for those engaging her services. She’s tough and will tell you like it is.

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