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I’m making very good inroads catching up with my emails, but still not all clear there. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your loving and kind wishes, and I will get to each and every one of you. I’m not quite at warp zoom speed yet, but I’ll get there. I have to get stuck into earning an income from what I do straight away (to avoid the whole camping out under a tree thing), so I’ve had my head down for a while sorting out my website. I’m launching my services now at really low prices to begin with to get a feel for costing, and I’ll adjust them upwards a little later, so grabbing them now even if you only want them for later would be a fabulous idea. I’ve taken down my pre-made book covers page here, and replaced it…

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Six Illustrated books – a slight distraction by @FTThum

Needing a little distraction?

Well, here’s a little secret – I love books 🙂 – all sorts of books and I don’t just mean genres.  I revel in their different sizes, the textures of the cover and the paper, the fonts used… such a sensual experience.

So here are five of my illustrated books selected from my bookcase.  Enjoy!


  1. how-to-live-foreverThompson, C (1998) ‘How to live forever

Colin is the illustrator and writer of this thought provoking book about immortality and ethics. Don’t be misled by its attractive cover – it is not just a ‘children’s book’. Colin has the ability to create mystery within these pages of his book.


Look at the intricacies of the illustrations!

how to live forever 2


  1. the arrivalTan, S (2007) ‘The Arrival

This is a graphic novel with no words about the experience of an immigrant. The reader is invited to immerse herself in the richness of Shaun’s illustration, with ‘vintage’ colours, and to make meaning of a man’s search for a new home for his family in a new land.


His illustrations illuminate – so compelling.

Arrival 2



  1. The Art BookPhaidon Press (1994) ‘The Art Book

Winner of the Illustrated Book of the Year award in 1994, this book is a collection of renowned paintings over centuries with explanatory notes about the works of art and their creators, such as Basquait, Giacometti, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Mondrian, Monet, Turner and Warhol.


To quote the editor at Phaidon Press, “[G]reat art can exciting, inspiring and thought provoking, but it can also be confusing…The key to ‘The Art Book’s’ success is its simplicity. It’s an easy way into that world that is exciting and inspiring, and it’s a door that’s open to everyone.”  For those interested, have a wander on Phaidon’s site.



  1. where the wild things areSendak, M (1963) “Where the Wild Things Are

This classic children’s book is illustrated by the author Maurice Sendak, and captures of the creativity of being a child.  An oldie but a goodie 🙂


Whimsical and adventurous illustration, the book draws our attention to a boy’s mischief and his  dealing with the consequences of his actions in a creative way – through his fantasy.

wild things 2


  1. enormous crocDahl, R (1978) “The Enormous Crocodile

This book was first published in 1978.  The illustration is by Quentin Blake, who formed a long collaboration with Roald Dahl. The illustration is quirky, light, whimsical and most suitable for the story.

I had fun reading this with my children when they were little.



  1. dreamworksZahed, R (2014) “The Art of Dreamworks Animation

A most recent hardcover book celebrating the Dreamworks team and their artistry in animationThis book is not classified as an illustrated book, but hey, I’m a rebel 🙂 It  contains many samples of Dreamworks’ animation from movies such as Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar and Puss in Boots.

A book worth having just to browse the magnificent images.


Well, I hope you explored the links I put in for each of the books.

I am interested to know what your favourite illustrated book is, or one which has a special place in your heart for some special reason…   I am always looking to add to my collection 🙂

Till next time
– FlorenceT

Florence 2





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