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Because Christmas day is one of the few days when Indie writers can’t think up good enough excuses to stay hunched over hot computers in their garrets, and the time of year when they totally invest themselves in the overconsumption of mince pies while staring resentfully at their abductors, and probably drink too much eggnog trying not to think about their abandoned work in progress, I’ll keep this Thursday’s post very short with a couple of tips for those nontechie scribblers amongst us.

1. Create a clickable link to go into your eBook. Type the text as you want it to appear in your manuscript – the name of another book for instance. Highlight that text and right click on it. Select Hyperlink and paste the URL address into the box and save.

2. If you find it painful creating HTML for clickable links on your blog posts, go to Ecalpemos and you can generate them there.

3. Instead of inserting all the HTML code yourself, if you want to create a post complete with pictures, links, and text to send out for a blog tour, click on your Text tab in a new blog post, create the post there and then copy and paste it onto a Word document. Double check before sending it out by copying the text from your Word doc, pasting it into a new post, and checking in your preview window to make sure all is as it should be.

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4. Remember that all HTML posts must be done in your Text tab, and not the Visual one.

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Happy Holidays!

Christmas Baubles
Christmas Baubles