Get Demons & Pearls and help make my publishing dream come true.

Have you purchased Demons & Pearls by our very own PS Bartlett yet? No? If you have let me know and I’ll put your review here on the site with credit to you and a link to your blog. Well, hopefully it’s a good review.

Why am I pumped about this book, other than it being PS Bartlett’s?

You get to meet someone that I write about in an upcoming book in the Razor’s World. As Bartlett likes to say she is the backwards author, she writes one book, The Blue Diamond-The Razor’s Edge, then goes back in time to write the prequels to it. Well, I did the same. This book will show you where the book I’ve written with Bartlett ends up eventually down the line. What character do I write about the history of? Read Demons & Pearls and find out.

By purchasing the book you make my published author debut a reality. Help make my dream come true.

Much Appreciation and Respect


P.S. Bartlett Demons and Pearls Cover

Make some noise with a Thunderclap. For me and @PSBartlett

LWI’s very own needs some support as she ventures into Indie Author territory. Her prequel is set to come out and she needs your help, and so do I. She and I are co-authoring a book related to the one coming out. Pre-order it. Thunderclap it. Help it hit #1 so I can see my first novel can get to your hands. I am so excited. I’m using this one as a test of how the new site AuthorsSupportingAuthors strategy works. What better guinea pig than one of LWI’s own, right?


Want to help Author PS Bartlett make some noise?

So you know who my upcoming novel that will be released is co-authored with?

Go the link below and click to help on the social media sites you want to help on. That’s all there is to it. You don’t do anything. On the day of the message to go out, it does it for you. No responsibility on you. Just click and forget it.

While you are at it also go and pre-order. Trust me on this one, you get a peak at what might be coming from me.

Is that a teaser? You betcha’!

By helping PS Bartlett today you are helping my co-authored book to be published in the maybe not to distant future.

P.S. Bartlett Demons and Pearls Cover

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