Amazon Book Reviewing Policy.

Not long ago I wrote an article called something like Amazon Book Reviewing is Dead. That isn’t actually true. The content was based on information garnered from other posts and from parts of the Amazon Reviewing policy. The posts were based on some fact and some personal experiences of the authors of those posts with the process. Each experience may be different.

As a result of that post there were several comments leading me to decide to remove the post and do more research. So read on and you will find links to the actual Amazon Review Policies, which are actually pretty reasonable. And please, don’t link back to this article if you are going to use it as a way of saying I am claiming Amazon Book Reviewing is Dead or trying to scare people away from it. This article sis about giving everyone the correct information from Amazon.

If you are an Author, check out Jo Robinson’s article Amazon’s Logical TOC and Author Review Rules.

Make sure to visit the policies for yourself, just so you know what is what. They even have links on the pages to how to write a helpful review.

What did I find?

Amazon allows reviews of free products as long as you clearly note in the review that you received the product free for a review. Or if you received it as a present, note as such. It doesn’t say that last one in their policies but FULL DISCLOSURE would imply you should simply disclose how you received the item. Below you will find links to various pages on Amazon about their policies.

Here is a link to the FAQ page of the Customer Review Guidelines.

It does not mention specifics about not being able to review free copies of books, but as noted in a comment on the aforementioned article, if you do receive a free Kindle copy through Amazon you do get the Verified Purchase distinction. That is not mentioned on the page but I do know this from personal experience.

But in order for your Reviews not to be removed you must have made a true purchase of some type on Amazon.

Here is what Amazon says about Verified Purchase.

If a review isn’t marked Amazon Verified Purchase, it doesn’t mean that the reviewer has no experience with the product – just that we couldn’t verify it had been purchased at Amazon.

When you write a new review for an item purchased through Amazon, your review will automatically be marked as an Amazon Verified Purchase.

Customer Review Creation Guidelines can be found on Amazon here.

Here is the Help for General Review Creations Guidelines.

Full disclosure: If you received a free product in exchange for your review, please clearly and conspicuously disclose that that you received the product free of charge. Reviews from the Amazon Vine™ program are already labeled, so additional disclosure is not necessary.

Help and Customer ServiceAbout Customer Reviews gives reiteration of policies of what is not allowed in a dedicated view. In other words, separate from the longer list of information.

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