Want to be a book tour host? Need a book tour host?

Do you want to host an author’s book launch/tour?

Do you need someone to host your book launch/tour?

LitWorldInterviews wants to help you out.

We are providing a page where we will list your needs as an author


Your willingness to be a host.

What’s a host?

A host posts something for the author on their blog/site. For example: I will be a host on my personal blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com for my friend and fellow LWI team member Jo Robinson. She will send me something to copy and paste into my post editor and an image and very likely a date for it to be published. It’s that simple. I help a friend and author out, I get an easy blog post for the day and possibly more people visiting my site but don’t tell Jo that that’s what I’m doing. Okay, so I’m not really doing it for those last two reasons . . . maybe.


Click here to go to the page to fill out the simple form. Directions are included. Or if you are not a link clicker then check out the page in the menu at the top titled ‘need a book tour host/want to be a host?’.

Be A Host

We want LWI to become a useful place for authors to turn to and a place for readers to get involved in a fun way in the careers of authors. Trust me, I did it and then created this site. Now I review, interview, and beta read and some other things I never thought I would do. And it’s a BLAST!


Much Respect







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