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“The most rewarding thing about being an author is when one of my books makes a positive impact on somebody’s life.”~Becky Due, Author of Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love

Becky Due Author Profile Photo Head ShotThat is Author Becky Due and the theme that runs through her interview and seemingly her life. Taking the bad or anything really and turning it into something to move forward with. That makes me instantly want to buy a book. With that attitude and philosophy you know what you will get, you just don’t know how or when you will get it. That’s the part that makes her an award winning author. Then you find out about the humorous side of Becky. You’re going to love it. Get ready for everything you want to know about this amazing author. Read to the end and not only learn some very nice inside reveals, but also see her interview on Lifetime for a previous book. That’s RIGHT! You get to actually hear her. I love hearing the writers voice. Then I can hear them narrate the book as I read.


Asking where an Author is from is normally my way to simply give you a connection to them, give them an actual sound to their voice maybe. As of late actual connections to their writing have been coming out.

My latest novel takes place in Minnesota and a few other places, but I think home is where the heart is, and my heart is in Minnesota. I was born in Minnesota. Moved to Colorado with my mother and two older sisters when I was about seven years old. At twenty-two, I moved back to Minnesota to get away from an abusive relationship. My childhood best friend and other family members still lived in Minnesota, so I had a wonderful network of people around to support me. In my thirties, I needed a change and moved back to Colorado where I now live most of the year.

Her book we are discussing today is Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love.

“Several reviewers have favorably compared Traveling for Love to Eat, Pray, Love“~Becky Due

I chose Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love because my main character, Amanda, is going through a divorce and realizes that she has lost herself in her marriage. As she starts to drift away from Nick, she finds herself day-dreaming of traveling and experiencing the world. So after the divorce, she takes a job as a travel agent. Traveling had become not only her goal but her passion. And although Amanda isn’t purposely looking for love, she does hope for it. But during this phase of her life, Amanda has to discover through heartache who she is and what she really wants.

Traveling for Love deals with many tough issues; divorce, dating, sex after dating and really how important it is not to lose touch with who we are once are in a relationship. After all who is the one constant in your life?

I write the books I want to read. I want to follow a woman’s life who is going through hard times and I want to learn from her mistakes. I want to connect to her, relate to her and I want to use her life to improve my own. My characters are strong yet fun and do not need to be rescued. They rescue themselves. These women go through some challenges but they find the answers they are searching for and find a better way of living.

I’ve always had a passion for women’s issues. When I was a little girl, I saw things I didn’t like, things that didn’t seem right, like the way girls and women were sometimes treated in relationships and in the media—magazines, TV and movies. Although I have experienced abuse, I’ve never thought of myself as a victim of anything. Life is way to fun to believe that we should be miserable because of what somebody did to us. So I stay pretty close to women’s fiction because I love writing about the strength of women. Even though there is occasionally love and romance in the story, the main issue is never about my character needing somebody to complete her or take care of her.

How does Amanda find herself where we find her in the book and how much of you is in the story? I mean this sounds like you in some ways even if not the actual events but the overall ending of a relationship and that journey afterwards.

Well, I’ve made so many mistakes in my life and I’m grateful for every one of them. But we usually don’t see it that way when we’re in the middle of the chaos or heartache. When I started this book, I was feeling a little older and maybe slightly lost in my life so I decided to tap into my childhood. I wanted to feel young and carefree again. I used to love roller-skating, so I bought a pair of skates online. When they were delivered, I was so excited, I put them on right away and took off down the driveway. Sadly, I was out of practice and I fell hard. I was determined to, you know, “If you fall off the horse, you get right back on” so I decided to find a better, flatter place to skate and I fell down again, this time hurting my wrist. Yikes! I was suddenly scared of roller-skates and I didn’t want to be scared. And that’s how this story begins… I don’t ever want to be afraid to fall, or to love, or fear I can’t do something. I dTraveling Love Searching Self Hoping Love Cover Image Author Becky Dueon’t want to be lost in my life, I want to take risks and that’s what Amanda tries to do while she is finding her own happiness.

Traveling for Love is a feel-good story about finding ourselves after divorce. Amanda is unhappy in her marriage, but when Nick tells her he wants a divorce, she is completely lost. Her life revolved around her husband. She had put her life on the back burner. Now she has to start all over again in every way, and she has to make peace with what feels like wasted years of her life. And so starts her journey of trying to figure it all out. She has to find a job that gives her life meaning and figure out where she will live. Should she have a rebound like her friends are suggesting or should she avoid dating for a while? Nothing seems to fit, and she continues making bad decisions, and spending time with the wrong man. Amanda goes through a lot of heartache before she finally figures out her life and what she wants.

Becky writes Amanda in a positive way, as the quote to begin this article should have hinted, I asked her about Amanda and the people she saw in the role of Becky, well her idea and one obvious one.

Heartaches and mistakes. Amanda gave so much in her marriage that by the time Nick wanted a divorce, she knew she had to start taking care of herself. She didn’t want to be resentful. She didn’t want to live in anger or bitterness. She wanted to get on with her new life. Amanda goes slightly crazy in her decision making, and she wastes time on the wrong man, but it’s all a learning experience for her—the pendulum has to swing the other way for a while so Amanda can find balance and meaning in her life.

I could see Jennifer Aniston playing Amanda. In fact, I think it would be a perfect fit. It seems Jennifer Aniston is willing to step away from the romantic comedy and this story is more about Amanda finding herself, and less about romantic love. Eventually Amanda realizes that the two wrong men in this story were stepping stones to her learning more about herself. Several reviewers have favorably compared Traveling for Love to Eat, Pray, Love. And I’m ok with that. J So I guess it would be Jennifer Aniston figuring out her life instead of Julia Roberts. 

I of course asked the question I always do. With Becky it seemed most appropriate considering her attitude about her writing. I asked her what she learned about herself from writing this book in particular?

Great question. I think for me it was more of a reminder how people in our lives are here to teach us how to be better, not bitter. I thought back on some of my own fears, mistakes and failed relationships. These people and experiences have made a positive impact on my life, even the seemingly hurtful, bad relationships. I’m grateful for every broken heart I’ve had. I know the pain, that unbearable pain when we lose somebody we love because they have decided we’re not good enough or we fight more than we love and can’t get it together. That pain is insane… but I look back on those feelings and I like those memories. I’m glad I’m capable of that deep love and even that deep pain. That’s living life fully! I’m grateful. I hope I never have to go through it again, but if I do, I know I’ll survive and grow and be thankful in the end.

The theme of Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love isn’t just in this one book. The word Becky used to describe her book was “Empowering”. Here are her other books and you will see what I mean. Each are described in her own words. And remember you can get any books by Becky Due by going to her Amazon Author Page, here or Barnes & Noble, here. Most of her novels are available in audio form as well with Traveling for Love: Searching for Self, Hoping for Love narrated by actress, Anne Johnstonbrown, which if she’s the one I am thinking of this would be an amazing listen.

Novel is The Gentlemen’s Club: A story for All Women covers many women’s issues and turns knowledge into power. Angie doesn’t want to be a victim anymore and wants to escape the cycle of abuse. Deep down she hopes for a good man to love and to feel safe and protected in this crazy world, but her fears take her down the wrong path and she continues to abuse herself by making poor choices. Angie befriends other women down on their luck and they team up to get revenge, but will they go too far?

Touchable Love: An Untraditional Love Story: All about choices, fear and facing our past. Christy’s secret is forcing her to avoid love and relationships. If only she had made better choices, respected her body and slowed down enough to realize what she truly wanted… Love. With the help of two men Christy must face her past so she can look forward to her future.

Returning Injury: A Suspense Celebrating Women’s Strength: Deals with the topic of stalking and protecting ourselves. Rebecca is happily married, loves her career, but she has one huge problem—a stalker. With Jack away on business, she’s home alone, and feeling like she’s going crazy, she has to learn how to take back her life and regain her strength. Is Rebecca strong enough to protect herself?

The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love: Is a fun-loving comedy about family issues, great friends and searching for real love. Nicole is an average American woman who is looking for love in all the wrong places with all the wrong men. She falls for every man she meets and every line they use. But when a dumpster is placed below her bedroom window, she starts to solve her patterns of self-destruction.

The Woman’s Handbook: Everything You Want to Say to Your Daughter, Sister, Niece, Friend in One Simple Book: Is a great gift book for the young women in our lives, great stocking stuffer.

Children’s book Blue the Bird on Flying: Is a great picture book for teaching shapes, colors and a lesson in self-esteem and independence.  

I also have 2 short 99¢ booklets: 2 Days to healthy Self-Esteem and Secrets of a Thin Woman both to help motivate, inspire and empower.

Remember you can get any books by Becky Due by going to her Amazon Author Page, here or Barnes & Noble, here.

Connecting With Becky Due

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Twitter: @BeckyDue

 Amazon: Author Page Becky Due


Now for my OTHER questions, you know those not totally about books and writing. The fun little things that make us go, “Oh, she’s just like me.” Yeah that stuff. Some fun facts I’ve stolen from here and there and everywhere. The names of those places will be with held to protect me. Okay so I got them from Becky’s site. Just don’t tell her.

•I love to travel. I’ve traveled most of the United States and Canada, and several Caribbean Islands. I’ve been to Bermuda, London, Istanbul, Dubai, Tanzania, Kenya, Cairo…(No wonder Amanda is a Travel Agent in her book. I wonder if I can be a travel character in one her books?)

•I have OCD type issues that cause people to be very uncomfortable in my house… or is it that I’m uncomfortable? (I think I live with a herd of Becky type people.)

•I have a mean cat and a friendly dog… they make me laugh. (I have a very friendly cat that thinks its a dog.)

•I eat cereal for dinner almost every night. (Yes! She is like me!)

•When I’m nervous, I laugh. Unfortunately, that means if somebody trips in front of me, I might laugh… But I am CPR Certified so I’ll try to help.(ooo, she is still like me. I even know baby CPR stuff.)

•I’m an author. Writer. Struggling artist. This should explain a lot…

•My novels deal with tough issues, but you’ll always find a little humor mixed in.

•I’m a very private person and therefore I’m good at keeping secrets. (She’s telling us all her secrets now. I wonder . . .)

•I’m a loyal friend. (I want to be her friend! And I am a loyal friend on days I remember I am one. Amnesiac joke there, folks. Have to have fun with it sometimes.)

•My biggest pet peeve is when people generalize. All Women are ________. All Men are ________. All Republicans are ________. All Democrats are ________. (I am now in love with Becky Due! I am so in agreement with this.)

•I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. (I hear Adam Ant for some reason. And again, she’s like me!)

•My books, especially the first one, might lead people to believe I have an issue with men… I don’t. I love men, I’m crazy madly in love with men… and women.

•I’m heterosexual. (I am so laughing out loud now. See previous reveal.)

•I workout at least 5 days a week and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer—A certificate I don’t use but continue to update year after year. (I umm, well cool. Just saying. You’ve seen my picture. I am NOT a trainer of anything. Okay, I lost 70 lbs in 5 months. So maybe there is something there too.)

•I love love love art; I love looking at it and I love creating it.

•I have my real-estate license—inactive. (I have insurance agent license–inactive.)

•I don’t like mushrooms or onions. (I guess I must now give up mushrooms and onions since I am now in love with Becky Due.)

•I love hip-hop and R&B music though I often listen to the 90s station and Love Songs.

•I’m a true romantic. I love Romance. (Check.)

•BlackBerry or IPhone? BlackBerry. (I have a dumbphone.)

•I decorated my home in muted earthy tones that I find soothing. I painted my garage neon green, yellow and turquoise, which stirs excitement every time I come home or go out.

• I’m an early riser. I love mornings. (Becky and I were made for each other . . . each others tweets that is.)

•One of my daily goals is to laugh out loud—a goal I always achieve. (I achieve this when I look in the mirror after a shower.)

Now for actual questions I asked Becky.

RW: Who are your favorite authors?

BD: I love all authors especially after realizing what a challenging career it is. But I do have a handful of favorite books that made an impact on me during some of the hardest times in my life. I’m not sure if reading was an escape or a way to learn the lessons from the character, but I love books and novels that filled me with hope and inspiration and motivate me to be better. I enjoy self-help and biographies too. Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Illusions are two of my all-time favorite books.

RW: What is your escape from writing when you are at that about to explode point?

BD: Whenever I need a break from writing, I love hanging out with my man or other fun friends who make me laugh. I also have to workout for my sanity and well being. It’s important that I step away from my computer and have some fun, get some exercise, and let loose a little. As much as I love what I do, keeping balance is very important to me. I try not to be fanatical about anything. No pressure. If I’m having a great writing day and feel like skipping the workout, I skip the workout. If I’d rather hang out with friends or pig out in front of the TV with my man, that’s what I do.

RW: What is your favorite word?

BD: I don’t have a favorite word, but I love Intensifiers SO much. LOL Maybe it’s because I’m excited and dramatic. What can I say, life is exciting! When I finish a new manuscript and it’s time to edit, I usually start by crossing out half of my intensifiers. Reluctantly.

RW: What book are you reading at this time?

BD: Right now, I’m reading, editing, rereading and editing my next book. I won’t pick up another book until this one is back with my editor. I’m eying a few of the bestselling women’s fiction right now, but not sure which one I will choose.

RW: What is your favorite beverage to drink, any kind?

BD: I know this is boring but my favorite beverage is water. I used to drink coffee and Diet Coke often but as I’m getting older I’m trying to be healthier. I drink green tea once in a while, I don’t like it, but I drink it. LOL I enjoy coffee and pop as an occasional treat, especially when I need a caffeine boost.    

RW: What is your biggest tip for someone to getting published?

BD: Try the traditional publishing route first and if that doesn’t work, and you love what you’re doing, don’t give up. Either self-publish, find a publisher or try the print on demand. You just never know if you’ll have the next bestselling book.

Do you want to hear Becky? Watch her interview on Lifetime’s The Balancing Act for a previous book Returning Injury.

Well I had fun with this interview. I hope Becky doesn’t go and unfriend me on Twitter. You got the seriousness of her writing, which does have humor in it, and you got to see that quirky lady behind the professional smile. I loved the message of her book because as an Amnesiac I look at my situation and make good from it and move forward. Get all of her books for you and a friend for Christmas. I think it’s great she has audio books as well. Once you read her books make sure to do one thing . . .

Read a Book, Write a Review.

Much Respect




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