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I received this book for an honest review from the author. A very nice man who I have exchanged several emails. How nice? He wasn’t upset that a recent illness that messed with my short term memory problems, which I suffer from due to a concussion, had made me lose track of his review. Fortunately he emailed me and it clicked. I found my notes.

Being a historian and lover of myth and legend, when this book was made notice to me as available for review I jumped at it. I don’t often do that. Less and less these days.

The story is about a man with an obsession. At first Willem Wolf wants to know if the paranormal is real. He and his partner Jacob spend their time exposing false spiritualists as the frauds they are, that is until they meet Wera Keller. Keller makes a believer, of sorts, out of Wolf.

With his meeting with Keller coming to an unexpected end, Wolf finds himself on a hunt for answers that turns into more and then even more than he ever thought he was getting in to. Included in that is a group involved in the occult and of course a major villain.

The Nibelung Gold is a well researched, detailed book that engrosses the reader but you do need to give it your attention. There is a lot of information to glean from the reading and you at times might think you are reading a man’s research, which in a way you might say you are. I think that is part of the charm of the book. It’s not simply a story but it IS research as Wolf is trying to make discoveries. This is a mystery.

Take your time with the book and don’t expect a quick read, unless you are just that sort of reader. This is one you want to take in slowly so you can absorb it all. It’s nice having books like that sometimes. Or it is for me.

The author, Koos Verkaik gives us a view of late 19th century spiritualism in Amsterdam, which is something unusual to read about.

You will discover if Wolf finds out if the paranormal is real and there is of course the Nibelung Treasure itself.


I would recommend this to anyone interested in historical pieces with myths and paranormal elements, and history period. It’s a brain piece, as I call them, but an enjoyable one that is not over the top for an average reader, you get the sense of a great imagination behind the book along with a great deal of research. all of which I believe comes from the vast writing experience of the author.


I give it a 4 out of 5.

Why not 5?

There are some slow moments that take away and you might get lost along the way with some changes in direction, but you will still enjoy it. This is a book translated to English but that doesn’t take away all that much, and then perhaps not at all once you are engrossed in the story itself.

I would read more by this author.

About the Author: (Click image for author site.)

Koos-kleinKoos Verkaik started to write at the age of 7, published his firt work (comics, 3 pages each week in a magazine) at the age of 16, his first novel was published at the age of 18.
Over 50 different titles are published now, both in The Netherlands, Canada and the USA.
Koos is a master of magic, adventure and mystery, writes many urban fantasy books en children’s books.
His new series for children, ALEX AND THE WOLPERTINGER, is published internationally and there will be at least 30 different titles.





Koos also has other books just released and for different ages.

Click images for Amazon book page for more details.

Voos Verkaik Saldin the Wonder HorseVoos Verkaik


Voos Verkaik Heavenly Vision




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