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Sierra Boone


Who is Sierra?

A young woman. A college student. A genius (Though she will deny it). A lover of literature. An actress. A singer. And one of the young people I admire the most in the world. Yes, she and I are actual friends as in geographically. A lady with a lot on her plate to overflowing but who when asked if she would be a book reviewer for LWI was more excited than when I created the site. (She has no idea what she is getting herself into.)

Why is Sierra here?

LWI is becoming busier as time goes by and the Book Reviews are piling up. I never expected this to happen. I felt a need for more Book Reviewers and the idea of a young person who is in touch with YA and what young people enjoy on a personal level came to mind and Sierra was the first of the young people I know to flash into my brain–Literally. Book Reviews will be her role but I have an idea here or there that is coming to mind as I type.

What will Sierra do here?

Sierra is part of our Book Review Team.

When asked Sierra mentioned YA, Fantasy, SciFi, poetry and the classics as her loves. I kind of thought that would be the case from what I know of her. I do have some ideas for a few feature articles I may request from her, but that is down the line. She is a very busy college student while working at the same time.


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