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To request a Book Review: OlgaNM@doctors.net.uk

Who is Olga?

“I’m a writer, translator (English-Spanish and vice versa) and a forensic psychiatrist.”-Olga

And that’s just the beginning. It would be easier to tell you what Olga is not. She’s not ordinary. Olga and I have known each other for a time. If you want to really know all about her, then visit her bio page on her blog here. You can also read her LWI Author Interview here.


Why is Olga here?

I posted a need for Book Reviewers and for some insane reason Olga asked me about it. Before I knew it I had a very qualified Book Reviewer and Feature Writer. So why is she here? I’m a lucky man, that’s why.

What will Olga be doing?

Olga will be doing what Olga likes to do. Okay, Book Reviews and Features. I have a feeling she will be getting into the more, as I call them, ‘thinky’ things. Her and Florence will get along great. I have two people here to prove I am insane now.

What does Olga Review?

“I’m a bit of an odd one. I like a variety of things. I love horror books, what some people call ‘literary fiction’, I must confess not to like erotica very much. Historical fiction and thrillers I like too. I’ve been reading more romance books of recent and quite enjoy them. I’ve read some science-fiction books that I’ve enjoyed but it’s not usually my preference. I quite like stories with human interest, complex characters and I’m always inclined to read books with themes around psychiatry.”-Olga


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