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Olga is another of our super intelligent individuals who has more than anyone should handle. She doesn’t post here but you can still check out her site to see if she’s available. Click HERE to visit her Amazon author page.

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2 thoughts on “Olga Núñez Miret”

  1. Name: Stephen Taylor
    Email: silverfox2777@outlook.com
    Book name: Gospels
    I am a long time writer but have only recently joined Goodreads. There are a number of my books, but any previous reviews have not crossed over from Amazon, etc., so I am trying to get the review process underway on Goodreads ( and Amazon of course). Are you able to help, please?
    I have previously won the Great Beeston Book Read and been long-listed for the Britwriters award.
    All my books are available for review, but the latest is “Gospels.”
    Please don’t be put off by the title, the book is historical fiction not a Christian tome, the quest for the earliest bibles is an academic one and is only one of the storylines.

    A brief synopsis –
    The year is 1835 – in the back alleys of London John Campbell-John is running for his life. A rogue, imposter, swindler – a man without honour, without empathy for his fellow man. But his massive debts have now vindictively caught up with him. He has even stolen from his best friend. He has one option – to flee the country. In Venice, there is a chance encounter, and an unlikely friendship emerges. Robert Babcock is everything John is not – honourable, academic, a man on an admirable quest – to travel in Egypt to find the earliest original copies of the Gospels to prove the reliability of the story of Jesus, as told in the King James Bible. Is Gospel Truth, as we say today, really undeniable. A story of discovery, of adventure from the River Nile to the endless deserts of Sinai, and ultimately a personal redemption.

    Excuse my ignorance but can you indicate where we go from here. The Book is available on Kindle or print copy.
    The structure of the novel is a crossover from Hollywood Road Movie to historical fiction.
    Many thanks in anticipation.
    Steve Taylor


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