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Who is Monica?

Author Bio: About the author: Monica LaSarre is a ghostwriter and the author of Jasper Penzey: jasper-penzey-book-11.jpgInternational Boy Detective, an 8-book mystery/detective chapter book series for 8-12 year olds.

“Inspired by a love for the Laura Ingalls Wilder series of books, I started writing my first book in elementary school. It was a life story I wrote in diary format, but my life had barely just begun so I quickly ran out of material and abandoned the project.”

Read more about her on her website,

Ronovan’s Take: Monica doesn’t just write for young readers she lives it. She helps them in her community with reading programs and reads what she writes about. She what young people read not simply to know what they like but because she enjoys it and also because she has a desire to encourage them to grow as readers..


Why is Monica here?

Monica is here because of her knowledge of young reader genres. I wanted someone who could bring to LWI that particular piece of the world we were missing. She was the perfect one to do the job.

What does Monica do here?

Currently she’s begun a series where she recommends Indie Author alternatives to the more commonly known books out there. Books that are just as good if not better but are not as well publicized. I hope for her to do some features about the young people market and how she goes about writing for them..

 She can be reached via email at

Amazon Link: Jasper Penzey International Boy Detective: The Ruby Brooch of Atlantis


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