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Currently closed to Book Review Requests.

Colleen Chesebro

Blog: Silver Threading

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Who is Colleen?

I could tell you what her blog bio says, but you can go see that for yourself by clicking here. Colleen is a loyal friend and someone I trust a great deal. I know her book reviews here will be intelligent, professional, and unbiased. She was very enthusiastic about joining the LWI team and I have to say when her name came up as someone wanting to join, I was very pleased.

Why is Colleen here?

I asked for Book Reviewers and she was the first to step up for me. As I said, I was very pleased. We’ve been Blog Friends for some time now and you can’t find much more of a lady than this one. Super intelligent, and loves the written word.

What will Colleen do here?

Colleen is part of our Book Review Team.

“I will review a number of genres; crime, thrillers, mysteries, psychological thrillers, historical thrillers, romance, historical romance, science fiction, fantasy, biographies, autobiographies, poetry, and some horror (depending on the story).  In other words, if the book looks good to me, I will read it and be happy to review it.”-Colleen




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