About LitWorldInterviews

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway


Welcome to Lit World Interviews, a place for authors to share and be shared with others.


This site is dedicated to:

  • Giving authors an opportunity to let people know more about who they are and what they write
  • Interviews with knowledgeable people in the literary/publishing world
  • Guest articles by authors and those with information authors need to know
  • Notices of upcoming special book promotions by our interviewed authors
  • Articles by Lit World Interviews’ own creative team about writing, publishing and anything else that we find useful to help authors. We are who you are so we know what you are going through.


What you will find here:

  • Interviews-Authors, Agents, Publishers, Reviewers; in other words anyone related to the Literary World that puts stories in front of readers.
  • Book Reviews-This is not my specialty but if I do run across a book that I can lay my hands on and have the time I will share my thoughts. I also review the books of those I interview when possible.
  • Guest Articles-I intend to ask various people in the industry to guest blog as the site grows.
  • Helpful Articles-When I come across industry articles helpful for writing, submitting queries, calls for queries, or anything helpful, I will post it.
  • And More, meaning anything that comes up of interest to the Literary World


How do we get our interviews:

  • Sometimes we ask

  • Sometimes we are asked

I think those two ways pretty much cover it, don’t you?


As to approaching us to be interviewed:

  • We’re open to it
  • We prefer that you have a book available in some format for readers to obtain, be that print or electronic
  • Traditional published or self published is the same to us in regards to interviews, the questions are the same
  • Do not think unkindly of us if we cannot publish an interview to the site. We don’t intend to turn people away, but if there is an overload we might end up putting some on delay but we hope to get to everyone that our site space will allow.
  • The best way to approach us is by using the form below, email at ronovanwrites (at) gmail (dot) com. Also if you are Twitter friends with @RonovanWrites a DM might also work, but those do not always go through and we do not want you to think you are being ignored.


What we offer an author:

  • An Interview to be shared through various outlets including the author’s own site for referral back to
  • Continued use of quotes and the like in articles for additional and fresh references to them for the public to see with links to those authors’ sites and media
  • Continued support when provided with any special promotions regarding their work, and an open return for interviews regarding new releases
  • And whatever else we can think of to help promote authors


Who is RonovanWrites?

I’m Ronovan and I write. Through my own endless hours and years of writing draft after draft of manuscripts I also started my own blog site RonovanWrites. If you want more details about me you can find them there. I’m fairly open and long winded, perhaps the teacher in me? Or perhaps the former trainer of people to better communicate? Or the salesman of insurance? (Ignore that last one. I try not to edit myself, so do it for me . . . please.)

Having done a few interviews with various authors for my site I decided it was time to create something devoted specifically to them and giving them a place to share who they are and what they do with others.

Why am I doing this, who have you gotten yourself into?

I don’t do interviews or hope for Guest Articles in the hopes of becoming some big site. I want to become a big site as time passes by so let the industry have another way of getting their thoughts out there, their creations. And yes, I may even someday have a book of my own and interview myself. For those of you who think I am already a bit crazy, I know you’ve been waiting for that one.

I am a writer that is just like you in that I write constantly, revise, edit, and do it all over again and keep submitting. It’s a never say die attitude you need to have. I decided to start a site that would help those like me and those who I want to be like.


Much Respect


© Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites.wordpress.com

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