Probing the Mind of the Villain

Angela Kay's Books

So my question is this: what makes you, as a lover of mystery, scared when it comes to villains? What makes you so afraid, that you can’t sleep at night, yet it’s hard putting the book down? Is it their method of crime? Their personality? Whatever it is, write it down in the comments. Explain what frightens you.

Mysteries are one of the most popular of genres. Particularly murder mysteries. It’s odd, isn’t it, how in real life, we hate the way the world works? We hate when we turn on the news and find out someone committed a senseless murder. Yet we turn to shows like CSI and Law and Order, read books, watch movies, anything to do with murder. It excites us in some strange, twisted way. A lot of us love the idea of being scared, getting into the mind of a killer, solving a crime.

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