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Self-Pub but want an agent? Tips from @ChuckSambuchino

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You are self-published.

You now want to go traditional.

You’ve heard agents won’t take self-pub.

What do you do?

Ask Chuck Sambuchino.

“Many writers who’ve self-published a book for one reason or another get to a point where they want the book to be taken to the next level and see a widespread, traditional release. This is the point where they may contact a literary agent for representation. So with that in mind, I want to help explain some of the necessary basics about how to pitch a self-published book to an agent.” @ChuckSambuchino

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6 thoughts on “Self-Pub but want an agent? Tips from @ChuckSambuchino”

    1. You never know. There are more agents beginning to look at novella length these days from what I have been reading. The market is more open to it. Trends change. If a story is good a story is good. Just have to find the right one. If I see one in my traveling the internet I will let you know. But I also know you love indie. 🙂


      1. I love being indie because I tend to bend genres and write about “unmarketable” subjects. I’m considering querying this time around because an agent at a conference said this idea has a good hook, even if it’s not what her agency is looking to represent.

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